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243. Alaskian ENDURANCE Racer | Daniel Brower
June 20, 2022
It's not every day you find a Fat BIke Endurance Rider that lives in ALASKA, one of the coldest and most beautiful areas in North America. Meet Daniel, he got into endurance riding during the pandemic and now he has some pretty big race goals. Go Daniel Go.

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My name is Daniel Brower I was born in Utaqgivk (barrow) Alaska.  I am 40 years old and bike mainly for fitness both physically and mentally. 
I was a part of the invasion force in Iraq in 2003 as an infantryman in the 101st Airborne.   I got into endurance racing at the beginning of the pandemic for something to do.  Having never done it before there was quite the learning curve.  Biking in extreme cold (-40)  requires a different kit and mindset than biking when it's +15 outside for an example.
 I live in a peculiar town called Fairbanks.  It's in the heart of Alaska and is also known as the end of the road.  Many of its citizenries have wound up here after running from some hardship suffered elsewhere.  The town has an interesting dichotomy and is extremely 
libertarian.  Healthy outdoor activities are a part of life here.   There are several people that choose to bike or ski to work as opposed to drive a vehicle.  Hiking is the norm and Fairbanks serves as a place to rest one's head for deeper incursions into the last frontier, A beautiful and often unforgiving place to the unprepared.  
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