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255. ROBOTICS & The ALL-Wheel Drive "The INFINITY" Beach and City Cruiser | Stephan Henrich
July 18, 2022
Now when I found Stephan on IG, I was so fascinated with the bike he was proposing to develop, that I had to reach out to him, so he could share his story on the podcast. Stephan is no stranger to the bicycle and has spent many years racing, so it almost seems natural that his robotic background would lead him to create a belt-driven all-terrain bicycle like the Beach & City cruiser. This is pretty cool!

Stephan Henrich’s work is located in the section of architecture, narration, design and robotics. He runs his design studio with robot lab in Stuttgart.
Stephan Henrich is developing robotic processes automatizing the production of architectonic structures. He is specialized in design for additive manufacturing.

Stephan has won multiple innovation awards and has been in numerous publications.

 Today we are talking about his new idea:
The INFINITY beach and city cruiser
 The all-wheel-drive-bicycle ... more coming soon ...
 (c) Stephan Henrich 2020
 All rights reserved

 Year: 2009
Award: IBDC Award 2009 Taipei, Taiwan
The INFINITY beach and city cruiser is driven by a revolutionary monotyre-clip chain construction that forms automatically a temporary rim in the wheel area and a dented belt-drive in the bikes center area. this monotyre is propulsed by a central dented wheel getting its force by a crank over a short chain and an 8-speed gearbox.

This combination makes an „allwheel-drive“ possible.

The tyreguide ra-ils in the wheel areas are fully suspended (parallelogram to maintain the rim guidance).

Stephan Henrich studied architecture in Stuttgart and Paris. Since 2011 conducts his design studio „Stephan Henrich – Robotikdesign und Architektur“ in Stuttgart. As an associate to R&Sie(n) Architectes he showed his projects at the Venice Architecture Biennale, MAM/Paris, Tinguely Museum, Basel, Kunsthaus Graz and Bangkok Art Biennale 2020. He worked for Philippe Parreno und realised with Festo Bionics the 3D Cocooner. 
Stephan Henrich taught in the USA, UK und was guest professor at Universität Innsbruck. Henrich was Fellow at Akademie Solitude. He lectured at University of Pennsilvania and Yale. At the moment Henrich develops additive-generative manufacturing processes, robotic “Psycho Furnitures”, 3d-printed sneaker design ( „The Cryptide“ ) and a „The Infinity Cruiser“ bicycle design.

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