Sales Team Rescue with Jeremy DeMerchant
What Makes People Buy Now with Jeremy DeMerchant
July 6, 2022
Have you ever waited around for a client to come around? Isn’t it just soul-crushing to get a no after continuous back and forth nurturing? In this episode, I teach you how to help them pull the trigger, and do it fast!
Discover some easy steps to help you shorten the sales process and close more sales.

Tune in to learn:
❗ How to create urgency for clients
❗ The importance of urgency
❗ What is a manufactured deadline?
❗ Does adding a deadline really work?
❗ The benefits of bonuses
❗ Real-life scenarios 

Plus get exclusive access to my 5 C’s of Successful Sales Conversations Guidebook! 

And so much more! 

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Tune in to Sales Team Rescue now.