Compassion Parenting Podcast
Calming Big Emotions and Creating Connection
September 21, 2022
When emotions are running high, how do we compassionately help our kids de-escalate? In today's episode, we hear from Tina Feigal MS Ed., (gifted parent coach, TEDx speaker, and author) about powerful ways to connect with our children even in the most intense circumstances.

Tina Feigal holds a Master's Degree in School Psychology and has been coaching parents on improving challenging child behaviors since 2000. She has also trained over 600 parent coaches from the US, Canada, Greece, Mauritius, and Japan. She's the author of the paperback and audiobook, "Present Moment Parenting: The Guide to a Peaceful Life with Your Intense Child" and co-author of the e-book "Healing the Heart of Your Traumatized Child." Tina's TEDx Talk is "How to Stop Meltdowns and Gain Kids' Cooperation." She has made TV, radio, & podcast appearances and presented at national conferences. You can connect with Tina on her website, on Facebook, or LinkedIn. Her TEDx "How to Stop Kids' Meltdowns and Gain Their Cooperation" can be found HERE.

Tina has generously offered our audience members a FREE 20-min consult that can be requested by emailing her at

"Calming Big Emotions and Creating Connection" with Tina Feigal © Mary Illions Wilde, MD
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