Safety FM with Jay Allen
Drew Rae
March 19, 2024
Welcome to another enlightening episode of Safety FM with Jay Allen, recorded at the Global Safety Innovation Summit in Australia. In this special edition, we're honored to have Dr. Drew Rae, a leading figure in the realm of safety science, share his invaluable insights and research findings with us. Dr. Rae serves as an Associate Professor at the Safety Science Innovation Lab at Griffith University. His role extends beyond teaching courses on research methods and safety engineering; he spearheads the lab's research program with a dedicated focus on improving organizational safety practices. Through a combination of ethnography, field experiments, and theory-building, Drew's research endeavors to dissect the complex web of myths, rituals, and bad habits that influence the safety practices of managers and safety practitioners, and their subsequent impact on front-line operations. Beyond his academic pursuits, Drew co-hosts the Safety of Work podcast, a platform that delves into evidence-based practices for enhancing workplace safety. His expertise is further recognized through his contribution as a member of the editorial board for the journal Safety Science, where he plays a crucial role in shaping contemporary safety discourse. This episode kicks off with a thought-provoking speech by Dr. Rae at the summit, followed by an in-depth interview with Jay Allen. Their conversation will navigate the intriguing findings of Drew's research, debunking common myths and rituals in safety practice, and envisioning the evolution of safety science. Tune into this special episode of Safety FM with Jay Allen, direct from the Global Safety Innovation Summit in Australia, for a compelling exploration of the intricacies of safety science with Dr. Drew Rae. Discover the transformative power of research in shaping the future of organizational safety, right here on Safety FM.