The most important skillset to unlock a dream life
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The most important skillset to unlock a dream life
August 12, 2021
In this episode, we talk about the two different things you need to be working on for you to be able to effectively communicate your ideas.
In this episode, we are going to talk about a skill set that's pretty much fundamental in everything that we do, especially in this information age, that every single person needs to be consistently and constantly working on and this skill set is communication unless you're just sitting at my kitchen table just thinking about how important communication is like is the key to everything that we do from doing MBA applications or job interviews or being able to pitch your idea, pretty much anything you need to have the skill set on, being able to communicate. 

Now before I talk about the two different things you need to be working on for you to be able to effectively communicate your ideas, I do want to kind of give you a little warning. So this warning is based on the idea that when we communicate, we are playing this game of persuasion and when I say the word persuasion, this can sound a little negative, it can sound a little bad and it can sound this way because I believe most people are confusing the word persuasion with manipulation. So manipulation is definitely bad. You don't want to manipulate others because you're doing things that other people don't want to do, you're manipulating them right? Like they wouldn't do it without your manipulation. Persuasion on the other hand is a little different persuasion, you're giving someone more knowledge, more options and then allowing them to make a better decision based off of this new knowledge and options, etcetera. So we don't want people that are walking around among us who are ignorant, right? So persuasion is a good thing. 

So when we communicate, we are trying to persuade every single thing that we do. Um it's it's a game of persuasion. Now in order to become better communicators, there's two things that you need to work on. So the first thing is being able to simplify your message as much as possible, I can't remember who said this quote, but there was this one quote is like if you want to make yourself seems smart, use big words and confuse people, but if you actually want to help people then make it understandable and simplify it. So being able to simplify big ideas or even little ideas into little digestible nuggets that people can understand. These are skill sets that you can work on and you can actually improve these skills with just a little bit of practice. 

So when I'm simplifying something, I am trying to break whatever this idea is down into simple pieces before going straight to the conclusion of this idea, let's say that I'm trying to pitch an idea to someone before going to straight to the conclusion this idea. My thought process is how can I simplify this or the other person can understand it and not only that they have a truth, I have my truth and if I want to persuade them towards my truth, then I have to chain link their truth and slowly start bridging over to my truth and this is this go set right. And one of the things that we're doing is we're creating structure out of these bigger ideas so people can actually understand it and the people understand it, they can be persuaded. 

Now the other part is to be able to add more color with whatever you're saying. So if you think about vocabulary, vocabulary is like a palette of colors, the better your vocabulary is, the more you can explain ideas with different nuances. Of course you don't want to go overboard, you want to make sure that this other person can understand what you're saying. But with vocabulary just doesn't stop at vocabulary. It is also a part of just taking in new ideas and seeing how other people explain things. Just adding this color to how you are able to communicate. 

So two important parts of communication. One is two. Be able to simplify and put things into a simple structure and do it in a way where you're able to bring someone from their truth over to your truth. And the second way is to improve the color of your conversations by taking in other people's ideas and being able to weave them into your own. So you are able to go deeper with greater resolution and it would be the difference I suppose and just having a set of 10 colors versus 1000 colors or a million colors. So I hope this helps the most critical skill set that every single person needs to be working on is communication. And we do this by simplifying and also adding more color so we can explain things much better. Hope this helps this Robin Copernicus. Boom bam, I'm out. 

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