Beyond Curious ™ (formerly 7-Figure Millennials)
#35: Brandon Fong Unplugged (Featuring a surprise guest interviewer!)
June 22, 2021
After rescheduling twice because of COVID-19, I finally got married on June 6th. We had the day of our dreams. But besides getting married to my very best friend, the wedding actually helped me realize something interesting: The 7FM ethos was created before I was even born… by my parents. I’ll explain more fully in this week’s episode, but here’s the short of it: Sometimes you can’t see what you’re too close to. On my wedding day, my mentor and dear friend Jewels Duncan came to celebrate with us and met my family. Because of that, Jewels gave me more clarity on why I am the way I am. SO. Because of my greater level of clarity, Jewels and I decided to record a special episode where she is the interviewer… and I’m the guest! In this episode, you’ll learn: 1. How the ethos for 7-Figure Millennials was actually created before I was even born by my parents 2. How I’ve been able to get incredibly high caliber people to appear on my show… and what that has to do with a lesson my Dad taught me while playing pool as a 4-year-old 3. What my current vision for 7FM is and where this is all going So enjoy this episode with… me!