Green Tea Conversations
Dowsing Your Home for Health and Harmony with Annette Rugolo
January 2, 2022
Meet Annette Rugolo, an environmental healing consultant, global teacher, speaker, and author of the book Soul Whisperer: Releasing Lost Souls as she talks about the benefits of dowsing your home, creating a healthy and peaceful home. Rugolo discusses the Diamond Dowsing technique and how she uses it to not only identify, but reverse negative vortexes, and cure geopathic stresses, interference lines and Hartmann and Curry lines. She also shares about her upcoming Diamond Dowsing Basics class that listeners can join to learn how to do all of this for themselves and their loved ones. For more information and to book an appointment, visit
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Good morning, and welcome to Green Tea Conversations, the radio show that delves into the pages of Natural Awakenings magazine to bring you the local experts who share their progressive ideas and the latest information and insights needed so you can lead your best life. I'm your host, Candi Broeffle, publisher the Twin Cities edition of Natural Awakenings magazine, and I am honored to bring these experts to you. Today in our studio, we are welcoming back our friend, Annette Rugolo, environmental healer, global teacher and speaker and author of the book The Soul Whisperer, Releasing Lost Souls. Welcome back to the show, Annette.
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Thanks, Candi. Always good to be here.
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So it has been a while since you've been with us. It's been at least a year now, and it is just time to have you back because we're heading into this whole new year and you have some really exciting things on the agenda for yourself this year. And I wanted to have you back and to talk about some of the things that are going on with you.
[00:01:21.830] - Annette Rugolo, Guest
I'm so excited. Yeah.
[00:01:24.910] - Candi Broeffle, Host
So you have a class coming up called the Diamond Dowsing Basic Class, which begins on January 12, and it runs for six weeks. You're offering this as a webinar, which will be from seven to 830 in the evening on Wednesday night.
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[00:01:41.280] - Candi Broeffle, Host
And the Diamond Dowsing class is really interesting because this is one of your courses that you offer for environmental healing, correct?
[00:01:51.010] - Annette Rugolo, Guest
Correct. Yes.
[00:01:52.900] - Candi Broeffle, Host
So tell us a little bit. Let's get started with just kind of telling us about what got you interested in this. What was it that kind of prompted you to start dowsing?
[00:02:04.030] - Annette Rugolo, Guest
So first of all, I've always felt energy, Candi spaces. So I would walk into a space and feel like something had gone on there or something was off. But I couldn't I never knew what it was. I couldn't quite put my finger on it. Candi certainly didn't know what to do about it. Back in 2005, I was already studying with Marie Diamond, and she brought the first Diamond Dowsing class to I was living in Fargo, North Dakota, at the time, and she brought a dowsing class, and I signed up for it just because I signed up for all of Maurice classes at the time. And I was curious. I wanted to know what Diamond Dowsing was about and found out that this was the class I was looking for to help me understand what I was feeling when I would walk into a space.
[00:03:05.470] - Candi Broeffle, Host
So kind of give us an idea. What is Diamond Dowsing?
[00:03:10.990] - Annette Rugolo, Guest
Diamond Dowsing one of the easy explanations for it, dowsing is a technique that helps you identify or see gives you information that you cannot see with your physical eyes. So, for instance, dowsing when I lived in North Dakota, I found out that farmers had dowsers on their farms, on their properties to look for underground Wells. So they would use twigs or sticks or something to locate where to dig a well. So diamond dowsing in particular is using these brass dosing rods to find energy in spaces that is not supporting us. Negative vibrations lower vibrational, energy that is affecting us some level. The beautiful part of diamond dowsing is I know other dowsers have gone into spaces and they just tell people, well, move your bed out of this space because it's not good for you. Diamond dowsing is a particular type of dowsing that actually cures the energy instead of having to move away from it. So basically, it shifts the energy of your entire space so you can live in your entire space. There's no place in your house that is not going to support you.
[00:04:48.850] - Candi Broeffle, Host
So for people who have heard your shows before, when you were on with us in the last couple of years, I had shared my experience with you because you've done quite a bit of dosing for me and for my family. And so today I want to kind of go back and talk about some of those experiences as well as we go through the interview today, because I have shared it with so many people. It was just miraculous what happens with the space after you have cleared negative energy or increased positive energy help to do that. And so we'll get into more of that in just a bit. But one of the reasons that I wanted to have you on today is because as we were going back and we were kind of looking at past episodes Candi going through some different things. One of the concepts that came up in some of your episodes was the concept of what's called the divorce home. So why don't you explain for our listeners again what a divorced home is?
[00:05:56.110] - Annette Rugolo, Guest
So a divorced home. I heard this term from some Realtors that I had met over the years, and they have a name for a house where it sells. If something is put on the market, a house is put on the market when a couple gets divorced. So depending on how long that couple has been in that house before they got divorced and how much energy is created, that energy, whatever is created, the anger, the judgment, all of the angst that is creating that divorce and that couple, that energy stays in the house. The couple moves out, another couple moves in, and within two or three years, sometimes longer, sometimes shorter, that couple gets a divorce and moves out, another couple moves in. And after about the third time that this happens, that couple gets a divorce, they move out. Now that house is labeled a divorced house, a divorced home. So this realtor, these Realtors, they have a name for it. And that kind of blew me away. Like, oh, other people are aware that this energy affects the people that are moving into this house. So that's what's called a divorce home.
[00:07:27.370] - Candi Broeffle, Host
I think it's interesting that. I wonder if people actually understand it's the energy or if it's just something that they look at and say, every person who moves in here moves in and then ends up getting a divorce, not realizing that that energy is trapped in that home and that it's being added to with each preceding divorce that happens for the couples that are living in those homes.
[00:07:56.410] - Annette Rugolo, Guest
Yeah, you're right. I don't think they understand it energetically, but it's so interesting that it's labeled.
[00:08:04.530] - Candi Broeffle, Host
Right. It's an actual concept that they know of.
[00:08:08.960] - Annette Rugolo, Guest
[00:08:11.890] - Candi Broeffle, Host
I think back to in 2019, when we were buying our home, when we were looking for a home here in the cities, and even in previous times where I've purchased homes, I purchased a few in my life. But when we were looking at homes at different times, there are certain homes that you walk into, and you can just feel the heaviness you can either feel I remember walking into a home one time that was completely empty. The couple had already moved out. I think the husband may have still been staying there. And it was a divorce that they were going through. Candi walked in and there was a TV and a lazy boy and a table in the living room, and that's all there was. Okay. But as soon as you hit the door, you could feel the heaviness of it. And for that one, it really felt more like grief. Like you could feel the sadness of it.
[00:09:14.270] - Annette Rugolo, Guest
Yes. And that's the other thing that people are starting to feel. They may not know, kind of like where I was before I took the Dowsing. It's like, yeah, I'd walk into a space and I'd feel something, and sometimes it was this anger I could feel where people have been fighting or there's grief, but I didn't know what to do with it. I didn't know that you could clear it. So one of the things that I'm excited to teach people in the Diamond Dowsing class is how to actually release this energy that's been created in these spaces.
[00:09:52.810] - Candi Broeffle, Host
Yeah. Because when you go into something like that, I remember looking at the house on paper, it looked perfect. It was exactly what we were looking for. It was so cute. It had really nice exterior, really nice interior pictures. And then when I walked in and you feel that heaviness, it's like everything seemed old, seemed really like it needed a whole renovation. It just seems so overwhelming. It was like, no, this is not the house we're looking for. And really, it should have been the perfect house because on paper, it was the perfect house. So can you imagine how many houses are sitting on the market much longer than they need to because of that? I understand. You do understand that.
[00:10:42.850] - Annette Rugolo, Guest
And there are a lot more people that are aware and becoming sensitive to this energy.
[00:10:50.290] - Candi Broeffle, Host
[00:10:51.670] - Annette Rugolo, Guest
I think that's wonderful to begin with, that there are more people becoming aware of it. But at the same time, I also believe there are more people looking for tools, for resources to help clear this energy. We don't have to live in that energy.
[00:11:11.710] - Candi Broeffle, Host
[00:11:12.160] - Annette Rugolo, Guest
Which is great.
[00:11:13.400] - Candi Broeffle, Host
Well, when we come back, I am going to share a short story about how you did that in my home in actually two of my homes. For people who want to learn more about what Annette does and how you can engage in her services, visit and that's To read the online version of Natural Awakenings magazine, visit You can find a podcast of this show on, on Apple and Google podcasts, and anywhere you get your podcast. You're listening to Green Tea Conversations on AM950 the Progressive Voice of Minnesota, and we will be right back.
Welcome back to Green Tea Conversations, where we delve into the pages of Natural Awakenings magazine and talk to the professionals who share their expertise on natural health with you. I'm your host, Candi Broeffle. And today we're talking with Annette Ragolo, environmental healer, global teacher and speaker and author of the book Soul Whisperer, Releasing Lost Souls. So just before the break, Candi, that we were starting to talk about divorce homes and how it's affected, especially in real estate and people going in and taking a look at a home. And you came in on several, several different things for me. So once for your Shining Light Expo, you came in and doused before the Expo, which is a whole other story in itself that's miraculous. But you also came and you doused our home in Moose Lake, which was the house we were selling, and you doused our home in New Hope here when we moved down here after we had purchased. And so I think one of the things is when we put our house on the market in Moose Lake, it was a really big property. It had a lot of buildings on it.
[00:13:17.630] - Candi Broeffle, Host
It was an old Victorian home, lots of gardens. It kind of was its own little I say like a compound. There were all these different things that were happening on the building on the site. And we had quite a few people walk through. There was so much of an opportunity for people. Even when I looked at it, I thought, oh, there's so much you could do here with us. And we had people walk through and they would give us tremendous feedback. I used to actually take everyone through on the tours because the real estate agents didn't know where to start. They were like, it's just too much. So I would take people through and talk to them about the different things. And people love the house. They love the buildings. They love the gardens. They would just be so excited. And then we would get to the cottage. So there was like a guest cottage on the property and they would get to the guest cottage, and inevitably they'd always say the same thing. It's just so much. It's just so much. I don't know how we would upkeep all of it. It seems like there's so much it almost makes my head explode.
[00:14:25.930] - Candi Broeffle, Host
They'd say it's almost too much for me to take in. Candi always ended with the cottage, and it happened every time with the cottage coach. So why don't you share with people what happened when you came and did the dowsing at our home in Moose Lake.
[00:14:45.170] - Annette Rugolo, Guest
Oh, let's see which piece. Let's talk about the cottage. So the cottage ended up having what's called a negative vortex in that space. So negative vortex is like a downward spiral energy. It's a heavy energy that just pulls people out of possibilities, out of the ability to see potential. So it's just a heavy, heavy energy. So when you were taking people into that space, all of a sudden, it's like all of the possibilities that they saw for the space, it's like it closed the door, it just shut them down. And all of a sudden I couldn't see it anymore. So that was one of the things that happened, and we cured. That negative vortex needed a positive vortex. So that was one thing. The other piece, Moose Lake, was this magical experience for me on my way up. So it was probably over a two hour drive from where I live in Jessica. And I'm looking up what's Moose Lake. What about Moose Lake do I need to know about? And I always like to do that when I'm going to a property. I found out that there was a fire there over 100 years ago now, and that Candi remember the number of over 200 people died in this instant fire that happened.
[00:16:16.560] - Annette Rugolo, Guest
It was a dry fall, and there were three cities that were involved. Moose Lake was one of them. So then I get up to Moose Lake and find out that your grandfather and Cloquet was a survivor of that fire.
[00:16:36.900] - Annette Rugolo, Guest
So this was the magical part of this whole experience of we needed to open. And this is part of the space clearing, releasing the energy, the trauma from that event, from that fire, but also the souls that were still trapped from that event. So I remember on a soul level, energetic level, you were there to bring me in to help release these souls. And it's like your job that drew you to Moose Lake was done, and you are now able to leave because of the release of these spirits. There are so many different connections that happen when I go to a place to do this kind of clearing work. So the release of the spirits was as big as the dowsing, the curing of all the energy of your property. And I think it wasn't. It like a week or two later, it sold.
[00:17:48.290] - Candi Broeffle, Host
Yes. It was so quickly after that. But the really amazing part, and I don't even know if I've shared this with you, is not that you're saying this, it's just bringing all this back up. We had lived on the property for seven years, and when we purchased the property, we lived in Cloquet. At the time I worked in Cloquet, and I did not want to move to Moose Lake. I had no desire to move to Moose Lake. It was 20 miles away from where I worked at the time. I worked like a half a mile away. So I really did not want to have a drive in the middle of winter going up high 35. And I didn't want to live in Loose Lake. It was just a smaller town than I wanted to be in. But as we were looking for a property to move to, we just could not find anything that worked for us until we found that property. Candi. Finally, after several months of not finding what I was looking for, I expanded my reach out to 20 miles from cloque, which ended up that's where that property fell was about 20 miles.
[00:18:54.270] - Candi Broeffle, Host
So we had only lived there relatively a short time, and then we were ready to move, and it had been several months that the house had been on the market several months. The other thing that had happened now that we're talking about this is we purchased the property because of that cottage that was on the property. We purchased it at the time my mom was getting older. She wasn't able to fully care for herself anymore. So we were looking for a property where she would have her own space and it would be some place for us to be able to kind of have a closer contact with her and be able to help her when she needed. And she loved that cottage until she moved into it. And it was like immediately when she moved into it, everything went downhill. So that negative vortex. She ended up moving out after only a couple of months and moved back to her home in Cloquet because she did not like the property. She did not like the house anymore. She felt unsafe. It's just really remarkable when you think about it.
[00:19:59.210] - Annette Rugolo, Guest
And that's one of the things I always tell people. It's like, watch what happens after a move. So everything is going great. You move into a space, and there's so many stories I can share about this, about somebody moving into a space, and all of a sudden they get sick, they get depressed, things aren't working for them. It's like there's this heaviness that kind of takes over. And this is something I think we all need to be aware of. If you're not already aware of energy, this is the stuff that happens. If there's a negative energy and negative vortex in a house that you move into and that you can cure it, you don't have to move. You can cure it.
[00:20:44.540] - Candi Broeffle, Host
When we come back, we're going to talk more about curing those spaces.
[00:20:49.050] - Annette Rugolo, Guest
[00:20:50.030] - Candi Broeffle, Host
So for people who want to learn more, go to You're listening to Green Tea Conversations on AM950.
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The Progressive Voice of Minnesota.
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And we will be right now. Welcome back to Green Tea Conversations, where we delve into the pages of Natural Awakenings magazine. Candi talk to the professionals who share their expertise on natural health. With you. I'm your host, Candi Broeffle. And today we're talking with Annette Regolo, environmental healer, global teacher and speaker, and author of the book Soul Whisperer, Releasing Lost Souls. Just before the break, we were talking about the experience that I had with you with our home in Moose Lake and the dowsing that you did for us, the work that you did for us on our property. And we were talking about kind of all the heaviness of having a negative vortex in one of the buildings, so in our cottage. But then also about the heaviness of the environment, just from the grief and the fear that had happened during the fires of 19. I can't even remember the year of it now. I think it was. And you had shared my grandpa was a survivor. He was only six years old when it happened. And he was in Cloquet and they were put on a train and taken to Duluth. So he was able to get out.
[00:22:37.040] - Candi Broeffle, Host
But a lot of people in Moose Lake had died, and a lot of people in Moose Lake had died. They tried to save themselves by going into the Lake thinking that they could get away from the fire and ended up I mean, it's awful, but pretty much boiling in the Lake, which is horrible. And our house was not really that far from the Lake. And it was really a remarkable experience when you opened that portal and allowed those souls to be able to be released, both you and I, because I was there with you, holding that space with you as well. And I could feel people there was almost like a joy that was happening. And I had told you at the time, for me, it was almost like what I envisioned or what I felt like I saw was almost like little house on the Prairie where they used to go down into the Valley and to go to Church. And you could feel like people gathering at that Church, Candi finding each other and the souls finding each other is kind of bizarre, I suppose, but that's exactly how it felt to me.
[00:23:55.940] - Candi Broeffle, Host
It was like such a joyous release.
[00:23:59.890] - Annette Rugolo, Guest
I remember, too, we're sitting under the tree and we both saw the same visual, like this little country Church that everybody was drawn to. And they were going up the steps. That was the portal. Right. But I remember sitting under this tree and you had a wind chime in this tree and the wind chime started moving in, the breeze hadn't moved before, and it sounded like Church bells calling everybody home. That was probably one of the most magical experiences I've had in the process of releasing souls.
[00:24:43.690] - Candi Broeffle, Host
Well, it's certainly a magical experience for me, Candi, remember that, too. Yes. That windshine was so clearly a Church Bell, and it had never sounded like that before. So it really is. After you had done that work, then it was very soon thereafter that we got a buyer. But one of the other things that you ended up finding was there was some interference lines that were affecting the property. So tell us about interference lines, what they are and what happens.
[00:25:25.850] - Annette Rugolo, Guest
So when I douse and when I teach people to douse, there are two types of energies we look for. One are Earth made energies, something called geopathic stress, negative and positive vortexes. We're also looking for manmade energy. So interference lines are man made energies that people are also becoming very aware of, very sensitive to. And these interference lines are created by what we call EMF. So frequencies from cell phone towers, radio towers, satellite dishes. And the closer that these satellite dishes or cell phone towers are to a house, this house can be affected by this energy from up to a five mile radius. Again, the closer it is, the stronger it becomes. So interference lines, we feel them sometimes outside. They're outside. But when they're directed into a house, it's like it hits the house and finds a place to come in, a door, an outlet, a window. And once they get in the house, I describe it like a fly that gets in the house, and it's like it's bouncing off the wall energy, and it's like it doesn't know how to get out. Right. But these interference lines, they affect us. They affect our ability to focus.
[00:27:10.870] - Annette Rugolo, Guest
Sometimes people feel headaches from them, sinus kind of conditions, allergy like symptoms, but it affects our ability to call them interference signs. Basically, it affects creates an interference with something. So interference to relationships, interference to health, interference to spirituality. We don't need to know exactly what they interfere with, but they do interfere with something that we're trying to do in that house. So we look for them, find out where they come in, cure them, and it creates this really calm energy in the house once these interference lines are all cured.
[00:28:00.890] - Candi Broeffle, Host
So as some of our listeners know, Besides owning the magazine and some of the other things that I do, my husband and I take care of elderly people and people who have developmental disabilities in our home. We've done that for 30 years. Clients lived with us in the house that we lived in in Moose Lake. And it was so, again, kind of interesting, fascinating, curious to think about. But after you left that day, everyone slept really soundly, everybody in the house. And it had been a long time since everyone in the house had slept soundly, because we had a lot of people, a lot of the clients would get up during the night, would have trouble staying asleep, had some anxiety. And after that, they just ended up sleeping really lonely in the next few months that we were there.
[00:28:57.570] - Annette Rugolo, Guest
So one of the things I learned I lived in North Dakota for 20 years before I moved to California and then finally to Minneapolis. But one of the things I learned in North Dakota, because there's a lot of farming going on. There's power lines that farmers understand that you don't want to have your cows grazing under these power lines, Candi. It's interference because their milk supply affects their milk supply. It also affects their immune system. So they keep their cows away from these power lines. But I have doubted so many homes over the years that there's these power lines running, like directly behind a home. And these homes are totally in this energy of these power lines. Right. I remember the first time I doused one of these homes after I don't know how many interference lines I found. And it was all where these power lines, the energy was coming into the house. The woman was telling me. And she said, oh, my gosh, what just happened? And I said, why? What's going on? And she said, I didn't realize how agitated my body was, how agitated I was. And it just feels like everything just calmed down.
[00:30:24.090] - Annette Rugolo, Guest
It's so quiet. And it's like that's exactly what happens when we douse our spaces. We create this calm, quiet energy that nothing is affecting us. Nothing is creating this tension or this anxiety, and we don't even realize we're dealing with it until it's gone. So it was such a wonderful testimonial to what this energy does when it's cured.
[00:30:58.960] - Candi Broeffle, Host
Yeah. It makes such a difference for the whole family, Candi, it's just and it is so bizarre because you don't realize because you've lived with it and you don't realize that it's actually that type of thing that's happening around you that's causing some of that anxiety, Candi, just some of the different feelings that you have. So we've talked about the negative vortexes. Now I want to start talking about the positive vortexes. So there were a couple of spaces in our home in Moose Lake that had positive vortexes, including in the kitchen. Right in the kitchen, which it was funny because it was right by a countertop where my husband always sat to eat. He folded laundry there. Everything he did was at that one particular spot at the counter. And that's exactly where the positive vortex was.
[00:32:00.690] - Annette Rugolo, Guest
So one of the things I love to do is help people find their positive vortex or positive energy in their house. Not not everybody has one, but if you're lucky enough to have a natural positive vortex, I really like to show people where that is. And every time I do. It confirms they confirm something for me, just like what you said, Candy. It's like, yeah, this is where everybody loves to be. I remember a few times people, their positive vortexes were at their front door and they would describe people leaving their house and standing there for like 45 minutes or an hour, not wanting to leave. So this is a positive energy field. It's very uplifting. We feel very light, very connected, very in alignment with our higher self. We just feel this beautiful energy. We're not always aware of it, but it's there and people don't want to leave it. They gravitate toward it, and then it's like, this feels so good. I'll stay here for a long time.
[00:33:24.190] - Candi Broeffle, Host
So when we come back, we are going to continue our conversation with Annette and learn more about her Diamond Dowsing Basic class, which begins January 12. And it will run for six weeks on Wednesday nights from 7:00 to 8:30. So if you would like to learn more about the class or the work that Annette does, visit And again, that's Or you can call (612) 394 3736. Again, that number is (612) 394 3736. To read the online version of Natural Awakenings magazine, visit You can find a podcast of this show on on Apple and Google podcasts. And anywhere you get your podcast.
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You're listening to Green Tea Conversations on a 950 The Progressive Voice of Minnesota.
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And we will be right back. Welcome back to Green Tea Conversations, where we delve into the pages of Natural Awakenings magazine and talk to the professionals who share their expertise on natural health with you. Today in our studio, we are welcoming back Annette Brigolo, environmental healer, global teacher and speaker and author of the book Soul Whisper, Releasing Lost Souls. So just before the break, Candi, that we were talking about all the different things that you did for us in our home in Moose Lake when we were preparing to sell it, Candi did want to go back and just mention again, the house had been on the market many months and it had many people come through and view it. And we kept getting the same feedback of it's. Just too much. There's too much to do, too many things happening. I don't know how we would keep up with it. And then after you came and did the work that you do, within a week, it was maybe a little over a week. We had a buyer come through. And as we were talking about every time somebody walked into the cottage, they would end up saying it's just too much after the work you did.
[00:35:44.140] - Candi Broeffle, Host
When the people walked into the cottage, it was exactly the opposite. They were like, this is the perfect place. They had kind of the same situation we did where they wanted a space for their mother. And they were like, this is the perfect place for her. She's going to love this. It feels so comfortable. It's so beautiful. There's so much we can do with this. And they sat there and talked for the longest time in that space about all the things that they could do with the property. So it completely changed it from taking away and feeling like it was too much to opening up all the possibilities again.
[00:36:22.690] - Annette Rugolo, Guest
I love that. And that's what positive vortexes do. It allows you to see potential possibilities. There's this expanded vision for your life, your business, your family. Everything opens up. And that's perfect, Candi. That's exactly what happens.
[00:36:43.510] - Candi Broeffle, Host
But there is another part to this of things that you're looking for as you're dowsing and things that you're looking at how you can cure. And one of those is the geopathic stress lines. So remind us what the geopathic stress lines are.
[00:37:00.550] - Annette Rugolo, Guest
So geopathic stress is part of the Earth energies that we look for and cure. Geopathic stress is created by underground water fault lines. Those are the two main ones. But when they use geopathic stress lines, especially if they run under our beds, they prevent us from getting some good sleeps. Think of it as, like, a movement of energy. So when we sleep, we need to go into this deep in space, and these geopathic stress lines create a movement or a disturbance in our energy fields. And one of the things we do in the Dowsing is find it and cure it. And people have these amazing transformations in their sleep. Candi, you mentioned earlier that the people that were in your house started sleeping better, along with curing the interference lines, carrying the geopathic stress was also part of that why they were sleeping better.
[00:38:10.450] - Candi Broeffle, Host
Yes. And there was one in particular, one space in particular. It was interesting because just before we purchased the house, there had actually been a flood in Moose Lake. And so our property that we were at was higher up. It was on more of a Hill or space Hill. So they didn't have any actual damage in the property from the flood itself. But you had mentioned at the time that that's probably when the geopathic stress happened, that could have been one of the opportunities, probably.
[00:38:50.590] - Annette Rugolo, Guest
So when we have a lot of flooding or wet spring, these lines will open up or even get wider if they're already there. So curing them in the house there's again, so many stories that I could share about how people started sleeping better, feeling better, how these geopathic stress lines. I remember one quick story. Somebody had a tattoo on his leg, and after about a year and a half, it kept getting infected. Well, when I doubted the house turned out a geopathic stress line, he was sleeping in it, and it hit his delay. So after I cured the geopathic stress line, his wound healed up, the infection went away, and that tattoo was able to heal. So this geopathic stress, as it Hits Our Body Can Create Some Distress, Some Tension, definitely. If We're Not Sleeping, We Don't Have That Ability To Go Into A Deep Healing Space As Well As Stress Is Huge.
[00:40:09.930] - Candi Broeffle, Host
And I Just Have To Say, If People Are Listening To This And Thinking, Oh, This Is So Crazy, I Cannot Stress Enough To People To Remember We Too, Are A Part Of Nature. We're All Connected. Everything Is Connected On This Earth. We Are A Part Of that. We Are Not Separate From It. So Everything That Happens To Our Earth Is Happening To US As Well. And If You Are A Doubter And You're Thinking, That Is Not Going To Help My Relationship, It's Not Going To Help How I Feel. Try It. It's Not Expensive To Have You Do It. Candi Highly Recommend That People At Least Try It Because It Makes Such A Difference. We're Going To Have To End Here Pretty Soon. But I Do Want To Say There Is A Space In Our New Home That Annette Identified As Being A Positive Vortex, and We Increase That Positivity By Adding A Quartz Crystal Quartz Into The Space. And It's A Cute Little Part Of Our Home. It's Just Like A Little Corner Of Our Home Where This Is And There Isn't Much You Could Do In That Corner. So I Purchased These Really Cute Chairs That Are Terribly Uncomfortable To Sit In, But They're Adorable, and I Figured Nobody Was Going To Sit There Anyway.
[00:41:35.960] - Candi Broeffle, Host
And It Is The Chairs Where Everyone Wants To Sit When They Come Over. So Again, It Just Goes Back To That What Happens When The Energy Feels So Good? It's Where Everyone Wants To Be.
[00:41:49.350] - Annette Rugolo, Guest
I Love It.
[00:41:51.090] - Candi Broeffle, Host
Well, Annette, Thank You So Much For Being With US Today. Again, Please, People, If You're Interested, Reach Out To Annette, Have Her Come In And Do Some Dowsing In Your Home Or Take Her Class. The Diamond Dowsing Basic January From 7:00 To 8:30 For Six Weeks Every Wednesday Night And Learn How You Can Identify And Cure All Of The Things That We Talked About Today. Annette, thank You So Much For Being With US. It's Always A Pleasure To Have You On The Show.
[00:42:25.230] - Annette Rugolo, Guest
Thank You, Candy. Always Great To Be Here.
[00:42:28.890] - Candi Broeffle, Host
So To Learn More, Visit And Again, That's Thank You For Joining Our Conversation Today as We Awaken To Natural Health. To read the online edition of Natural Awakenings Magazine, or to check out our complete online calendar of events, visit
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You can find a podcast of this show on On Apple and Google Podcast. You're Listening To Green Green, Green Tea Conversations 950 The Progressive Voice In Minnesota And I Am Wishing For You A Lovely Day. Bye.