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Kids Stories Podcast - Avin And The Hungry Bigfoot🐔 - Up First Bedtime Stories For Kids Of All Ages - Short Kids Audio Stories That Make Your Kids Scream WOW!
February 28, 2022
Avin & The Hungry Bigfoot Go On An Adventure! The Kids Stories Podcast Is A Bedtime Story For Kids to help them sleep tight! Avin is a little boy who is about to face the largest adventure of his life - finding bigfoot in the middle of the forest!! On his journey he learns valuable lessons that help him circle round obstacles on his path and return back home safely. Now, this is something he won't soon forget! This story will not only have your child drifting off to sleep quickly but also dreaming of great adventures they can embark on someday themselves. After listening to this wonderful story, you will see the sparkle in their eyes!