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198. Handmade Cycling CAPS from Africa - AFRICAP meet the creator Mohammad Sesay "aka" Hammer
March 7, 2022
In this episode, you will learn about: What makes a man decide to create designer cycling caps from Africa? Mohammed loves being able to source the one-of-a-kind beautiful African patterns for his unique Cycling Caps. Make sure you order one.
Mohammad Sesay aka Hammer.
Mohammad wears a couple of hats, his 9-5 is in humanitarian work.
Most recently he launched a business selling cycling accessories (mainly caps and musettes).
The business is called AFRICAP APPAREL and our principle is made for cycling worn for style.
The products are HANDMADE made out of Ankara and each print tells its own stories.
 Caps are currently produced in Sierra Leone but we source prints from everywhere.
 We are conscious of sustainable practices and plastic consumption.
 We also support grassroots cycling initiatives.

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