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Service vs Sacrifice (Patty Block)
March 4, 2022
There is a pervasive fallacy in our society, especially for women, that to serve others requires sacrifice. Business Consultant Patty Block emphatically disagrees. When we combine the joy of purpose with financial success, we benefit everyone around us.
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     Patty Block is the founder of The Block Group, a company that provides consulting for women-owned businesses. Patty’s career path has been a twisting, turning, learning journey.  From anthropology to politics to entrepreneurship, with a few detours in between, Patty has amassed a wealth of knowledge and experience that she shares with other female entrepreneurs on their road to making it.

     In this episode, Patty talks about why over delivering and underpricing is inconsistent with value. Service is not the same as sacrifice, and the more successful we are, the more we have to give.

“There are lots of different ways that I see it manifest - that spirit of self sacrifice and thinking that we can’t serve others and make a lot of money.”

“We grew up that way, and so we often fall into that trap, and bring it into our business, and then all those thoughts become limiting beliefs.”

– Patty Block

     In 2006, Patty Block created The Block Group to empower women business owners who are experts in their fields. As their trusted advisor, Patty brings a unique perspective, having experienced and solved many of the same complex issues women face in their professional and personal lives.

     Having seen the same struggles time and again, she teaches women how to shift their mindset and build their confidence to generate more revenue with less stress by reimagining pricing and selling. Patty believes that when women earn more, everyone around them benefits - their staff, their family and their community. Clients often refer to her as their “business therapist” and “secret weapon” because she forms strong relationships, understands and refines their company’s internal workings, and serves as a strategic sounding board.

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