Authentically Kinky (formerly known as What Women and Other Wonderful Humans Want)
Empress Jazmin Wu: Interview with the Empress
April 19, 2022
Before she works with a client, she starts her practice with the thought “how can I empower someone today?" That is just part of the magic of Empress Jazmin Wu who creates beautiful space for subs to say without reservation "Thank You, Empress." She has a very personal discussion with HiThereCatsuit on this episode.
Empress Jazmin Wu is a lifestyle and professional Dominatrix. She is best known for her holistic approach to BDSM and teachings on Women’s/human empowerment. She has been seen on the pages of Sour Magazine, Kink Queens, and Hustler’s Taboo. The Empress has a deep passion for sensual art, rope bondage, and  psychology. She can often be seen curating art-fetish photoshoots and hosting elite kink lifestyle parties. She travels throughout the US to teach other Women about the FemDom lifestyle.  
She began her journey into alternative lifestyle practices in 2012, and has never looked back. She studied privately under some of the world’s most elite Dominatricies. Continuously developing her craft through classes on human psychology, rope and shabari, as well as private BDSM training with renowned experts.  
Jazmin believes that BDSM is a unique tool that can be harnessed to pursue better physical, emotional, and mental health. Before she works with a client, she starts her practice with the thought “how can I empower someone today?”. In her BDSM practice, she explores elements of personal shame and helps her clients foster self-acceptance.  
Jazmin Wu works to challenge the social stigma of BDSM and what it represents by creating more positive visibility for the BDSM community. She is available for events, private slave training, BDSM education, and online (distance) slave training. To get in contact and learn more about her, please visit