WiserWednesday - Scale up your Startup
WiserWednesday.com #S01.E07 - How Purpose Powers Your Startup
November 23, 2022
Key takeaways from this event: - Purpose helps magnetise great people to want to join your cause - Purpose does not hinder growth, it drives it - Fear is the path of the dark side! So, purpose Matters. It really matters. Unless you've worked in an organisation that has created a common purpose, you might question why it is so important. We explored the power of purpose to drive growth and magnetise great people to want to join your cause. Thanks to the panelists Andy Hawkins (Founder @ Business on Purpose), Isabel Kelly (Founder @ Profit with Purpose), Robbie Staniforth (Policy Director @ Ecosurety) & Nicole Gibson (Founder @ Love Out Loud)! Host is James Potten (Founder of Amplified.me). Enjoy!