425: Believe in The Polar Express - until you don't!
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425: Believe in The Polar Express - until you don't!
October 29, 2022
Ahonu realizes his beliefs over time have changed, and will continue to change. Believe in The Polar Express - until you don't!
If you ever watched that Christmas movie, "The Polar Express", it's all about believing, and that bell represents belief and believing.

Well, this morning I woke up with the word 'believe' in my mind because I found, over the course of my life, with my beliefs having changed. I thought about how serious that is because we take belief so seriously. I mean, imagine if religions were teaching the beliefs that they do, knowing they would change over time?

Well, my beliefs have certainly changed over time, and now I figured out why. Even if you take the word at its basic, 'be' and 'leave', we 'be' for a while, then we 'leave'. We be and we leave, and that explains the entire process of belief. Even if you take the lowly leaf, like the leaves in the trees, they arrive and they fall. They come and they go, they be and they leave.

Believing is not meant to be rigid and solid and something that happens throughout your life. I know what I believed when I was a teenager differs greatly from what I believe now. What I believed in my twenties and thirties and forties is far different from what I believe now. Therefore, going into further years, I'm now a lot more open and accepting to the possibility that my beliefs are going to change.

That's the message from the mountain today. It's all about belief and believe, but more accurately, be and then leave.

Blessings from myself, Ahonu, and from Aingeal Rose.