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17. A powerful story WHY Daniel Hurd is Cycling around the USA for SUICIDE AWARENESS
January 12, 2021
In this episode, you will learn: How the bicycle saved Daniel's life, and now he's been biking around the USA to bring awareness to SUICIDE.
How the bicycle saved Daniel's life and now he's been biking around the USA to bring awareness to SUICIDE.
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Meet Daniel Hurd, 31, 
Was introduced to cycling after 3 suicide attempts and was planning a fourth. A friend got me on one of his bicycles and we rode. My 3rd ride was a weekend ride which was 166 miles. 
I fell in love with bicycling quickly and started planning longer trips. I became addicted to cycling. This was a better addiction than my past choices of alcohol and drugs. 
After only a few months of riding, I knew that I needed to do something EPIC. Realizing living in the moment was the key for me in my life which has led me to this journey. 

On March 5th 2018 from Massachusetts, I started on a projected 3 year EPIC Journey of the Lower 48 States. 
Over 2.5 years on the road, nearly 18,000 miles, 80 suicide Interventions, and my 44th state I was hit by a vehicle from behind in Arizona. 

Now I am hosting a podcast series called Movement Monday on Heart Of A Volunteer: Veterans Podcast. I am also the Founder/CEO of One Pedal At A Time Movement a 501c3 nonprofit organization promoting cycling and raising awareness for suicide.
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Movement Monday on Heart Of A Volunteer: Veterans Podcast

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