Beyond Curious ™ (formerly 7-Figure Millennials)
#23: How To Increase Your Bottom Line By 15% By Finding Money Hiding In Your Business w/ Patty “The Money Finder” Lawrence
March 30, 2021
Right now, there’s a PILE of cash in your business that you (probably) know nothing about. And today’s podcast guest is a NINJA at finding it. Patty Lawrence is a fractional CFO known for her ability to find money that may be hiding in plain sight in your business. Her clients typically increase their bottom line by at least 15% and feel in control of their finances and results. In the episode you’ll learn: 1. The metrics that matter for your business 2. Ways to grow your business WITHOUT adding more sales 3. How you can see the “story behind the numbers” and grow your business without having to get bogged down by numbers and bookkeeping