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40. Coaches Corner with Sylvie: I need your HELP - The Amazing March LINEUP
March 5, 2021
In this episode, you will learn: 3 Tips to Being Successful Achieving your Health Goals. I need your help. Announcing my amazing lineup of guests for March.

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I need your HELP: 
- Please pass along really cool extraordinary people you know in cycling. We need to hear their story.
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-QUESTIONS. Do you have questions about cycling? Anything. I want to answer your questions.

4hr workshop
Covering theses Cycling Skills
➡️Pedal form
➡️Hill Climbing
➡️ Nutrition-fueling
The workshop will flow as follows:
Explanation, demonstration, and practice (you) with feedback.
Who workshop is targeting?
New Cyclists, who are not familiar with cycling techniques.
Need to have a trainer at home
Maybe you've been training this winter, but don't feel like your seeing any progress.
Would like to get better on the bike, faster, climb hills more economically.
Nutrition is not your strong suit when it comes to fueling to train, recovery and energy.
If this sounds familiar, then this program could be for you

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$50 off PROMO code: pedal

MARCH LINEUP not in any particular order. Makes sure you subscribe to the PODCAST
and YouTube

1. Joe Friel & Jim Rutberg. Talking about their new Book collab: RIDE INSIDE

2. Susan Sly. Pro Level IM athlete for Canada to Multi-Millionaire in MLM

3. Cycling Family of Nomads. Celine, Xavier, Nayla & Fibie. 10 Yrs on the road, giving birth to their 2 children

4. Young American Couple. Joe & Emmalee share their love for cycling. In the past 10yrs they have spent months cycling around the US

5. Steven Bentley. Hi-Performance Coach for Ironman Athletes. Amazing knowledge of training and nutrition

6. Logical Sports. On location with rep Leo. Home of top brands like Biemme Cycling clothing and DeRosa road bikes

➡️I also share
My TOP 3 Tips for Success

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