Top Of Mind with Stewart Hillhouse
How To (Actually) Learn From Your Customers with Khalid Saleh
September 16, 2020
Getting traffic to your website is pointless unless you're able to convert. Khalid Saleh joins Stewart Hillhouse to discuss why conversion rate optimization is a marketer's best secret weapon. On this episode, Khalid and Stewart discuss: • Lessons in Bad Usability (And How It's Cost Taxpayers Over $1.3B So Far) • People's Two Most Precious Commodities • The 3 Factors Khalid's Found to Drive Most Buying Decisions • How He Steals Words Right From His Customer's Mouth For His Copy • And So Much More Khalid Saleh is an expert in conversion rate optimization and user research. He’s the CEO of Envesp, and the co-founder of FigPii. LinkedIn: Envesp: FigPii: