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The Dangers of Toxic Spirituality with Justin Luria: PYP 376
March 16, 2020
Justin Luria now lives what he calls a "muggle" life, managing on online bookshop. Before that, he trained as an energy healing and shamanic practitioner, and immersed himself in many of the spiritual practices of the "New Age," and learned from many contemporary spiritual teachers: Byron Katie, Eckhart Tolle, and others. He also actively pursued the goals of the self-help movement as modeled and taught by folks like Tony Robbins and others. And somewhere along the way, he realized that the bulk of self-help and spirituality was little more than our grasping consumer society wrapped in finer threads. Rather than being a cure or counterweight to modern life, mainstream spiritual and self-help culture intensifies our feelings of inadequacy and need, and often takes advantage of the vulnerable state in which that inadequacy leaves us.