Faith Made Simple Podcast
Das Werk des Glaubens (Teil 2) / The Work of Faith (Part 2)
January 14, 2023
Pastor Elisha Lawson spricht weiterhin über das kraftvolle Werk des Glaubens. Wenn der Glaube am Werk ist, wird die Kraft Gottes freigesetzt, um eine wirkungsvolle Veränderung in jedem Bereich des Lebens zu bewirken. Bleiben Sie dran, wenn Pastor Lawson seine Serie über die Kraft des Glaubens fortsetzt. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Pastor Elisha Lawson continues to speak on the powerful work of faith. With faith at work, the power of God is being released to make an impactful change in any arena of life. Stay tuned as Pastor Lawson continues his series on the power of faith.

On this podcast Pastor Elisha Lawson teaches Simple, yet powerful truths about Faith. When Faith is made Simple you will be able to Believe it. Remember, "the just shall live by Faith." How can you live by something you do not understand? As you listen to each episode, Faith which is the Word of God, will always give you the victory when you believe it. (1 John 5:4) God gives light and understanding to the simple. (Psalms 119:130)