PublishHer Podcast
PR & Marketing for Authors with Paige Dungan {ep. 107}
October 4, 2023
Paige Dungan is a publicist who helps authors become best sellers. We discuss the key action steps to launching your book, utilizing media and reviews to sell more books.
Who wants to be a bestseller? Paige Dungan is dishing out the tips to prepare for the most impactful book launch you can have!

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In this episode we discuss:
Paige Dungan is a communications expert who knows how to get authors and books noticed. She was the former head of PR & Talent at SUCCESS magazine and is known for her creative media launch strategies. Paige has landed multiple authors on best-seller lists and is always looking for new and innovative ways to promote books. You can find her work inside Gurus Magazine and Reach TV  where she helps readers and viewers discover the next book on their nightstands.

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