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270. RAD RACE Epic Fixed Gear LAST MAN/WO Standing Race | Ingo Engelhardt
August 29, 2022
As I was conducting some searches on the regular social platforms I came across German Based RAD-RACING a super cool FIXED GEAR inner track race for the LAST MAN/WOMEN Standing are announced as the winners. So I had to reach out to find the leader and mastermind(s) behind this freakin cool event. I found Ingo, with friends who created not just Rad-Race, Tour De Friends and other cycling events across the globe. Rad-Race is also a bike shop in Hember, Germany. I'm sure you will you will love this guy's attitude as much as I did!

RAD-RACE official trailer:
RAD-RACE What it's all about:

The official highlights from the 2022 edition of RAD RACE Last Man Standing in Berlin, March 26 in the official program of
* The event is a knockout-style competition on fixed gear / track bikes with no brakes.

We are RAD RACE. We organize bike events away from the dusty image
of the cycling world. We believe that life is not a race - except if you want it to be. 

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