Post-Apocalyptic AI art and best practices to get the best from AI tools
August 30, 2022
Shawn tells us how to get the best from Midjourney, discusses his Post-Apocalyptic book being released and how using AI tools is important for any artists today.
"We don't even bat an eye when someone uses a tree generator, in unreal engine for a video game. Right? Those people are still called three d artists. So I think that it's possible to move past those stigmas. And I think that Ai art will certainly get to that point, you know, somewhere along the line."

Shawn Schuster is the senior editor at Post-Apocalyptic Media where he writes news articles, movie and TV show reviews, guides, and host the site's podcast. He has just launched his Kickstarter campaign, details below. In this episode we ask Shawn about how AI is helping established artists streamline their processes while still being creative.

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