Sit, Breathe, Bow
Chimyo Atkinson
March 12, 2021
Living in the dharma allows us to be vulnerable and to connect with the rest of the universe. Practice dismantles the habits of trying to build up the delusions around us.
Chimyo Atkinson began practicing Zen meditation in 1991. She was ordained by Rev. Teijo Munnich in 2007, received Dharma Transmission in 2015, and completed Zuise in 2016. She undertook her monastic training in both Japan and the United States. Chimyo served as Head of Practice at Great Tree Zen Women’s Temple and volunteered with the sangha at Avery-Mitchell Correctional Institute from 2015-2020. She has served on the board of the Soto Zen Buddhist Association since 2017 and helped to draft that organization’s standards for formal monastic practice.

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