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Published How To Grow Your Amazon Private Label Business Through Adversity - Kristina Uradzimskaya - Part 2
March 23, 2021
How To Grow Your Amazon Private Label Business Through Adversity - Kristina Uradzimskaya - Part 2 Video available at:
How To Grow Your Amazon Private Label Business Through Adversity - Kristina Uradzimskaya - Part 2
Video available at:

[00:00:01] spk_0: welcome to the seller Roundtable, E Commerce, coaching and Business strategies [00:00:05] spk_1: with and er not and Amy Wiis. Mm. Um, so Q one. What are your? What's your goal in Q one for your business? Uh, so, as I said, we're doing the toys. Toys branded starting. It's very young. It's two years a two month old companies, so we need to scale it as much as we can. And, um, I'm partnering with someone, uh, and starting pharmaceutical company actual manufacturing. So we're gonna be both manufacturing and selling, and we're going to get into the supplements a lot. This year will be a supplements for me. Uh, manufacturing and selling and ranking and everything. When it comes to the supplements and pharmaceutical, we are developing very unique products that currently has no offers in USA. And, uh, that is, I hope that's one of the biggest businesses. I have a built in my life, so we'll see how it's gonna go. Um, I can tell. That's exciting. That's not like you to partner. You're not. You're not a partnering kind of girl, so that must be really good. But in pharmaceuticals, there's, I mean, that's definitely huge. I know, you've done a lot in the medical side of things so excited to hear more about that when that gets going. Um, all right, now, the hard question. What do you think are your strongest traits or your strengths and your weaknesses? And then how do you overcome your weaknesses? Uh, let's start with the weaknesses. Weaknesses. As every female entrepreneur, we always have to remember that we are different from the male entrepreneurs, and our brain waves are different and everything. What we how we see the world is different. So it's just the idea that actually, it's only 10% what's happening and 90% how we're reacting of that and being the female, having that control of my emotions. It's very difficult, because if your emotions are not, um, stable, if you're not in the harmony both in mind and heart with yourself, that negatively influences all the businesses and all the employees and all the people around you. So this is something very important and very painful for me to work with. But I'm really trying to do a good job or for working on controlling myself, for not letting myself like, um, the emotional week because I know that I have to be strong. If I'm not strong, I'm not gonna build anything. So this emotional, um, building the emotional strength. Darkness. Uh, this is one of my weaknesses, because that's something I'm working on right now. Another weakness is probably as every other female is the idea that we have this guilt inside like, Oh, my God. I don't spend enough time with my kids. I don't do that. I don't do crafts. I don't do arts. And this and that. That's that's my weak point is like, this is something that lives always in your head. It's always there. It's not leaving your head, it's on the background, and it's like that. So these are the things that that stereotypical woman Yes, yes, yes. These are the things when it comes to my strength. I think, um, I am very good at, uh, seen, uh, something like if I have the idea like you give me the idea. I can already from this idea build the whole brand, the whole operation and everything. Just the matter of a couple of minutes. I'm really good at, uh, visionary thing, Visionary. Part of the business so I can see things. I can see where it's going when it's right now and where it should be. Um, also, I'm very good at crisis management. I think so. When you get stuck into something, I have tons and tons. And the idea is how to get out of spinning in my head. I always very good at, uh, getting something done in order to get back on track. These are my strengths. Everything else. I'm regular person. I'm going through my ups and downs like all of us every day. And, uh, yeah, we need to understand that this year actually showed us a lot. We've been lonely. We've been sitting in our places by our styles and our warehouses. Offices work in developing our brands. But this year's even got tougher. So if we had the opportunity to go meet people like once and once a month, once since two months here we're just stuck and we were not able to do anything. And, uh, emotionally Danny McMillan told a lot about that. Emotionally influenced a lot of it, even though we don't really, um, talk about that like this is not visible. That's something that brought us, But, uh, I know talking to other entrepreneurs. It was a hard here. All of us, not only like physically with Lee Immense was looking for the third party fulfillment. This emotional, it was difficult. We were kind of They closed us, and that was something we have to adjust and digest. Yeah, I know we're all used to hanging out together, and that kind of messed us up, too, right? [00:05:57] spk_0: That actually transitions perfectly into, um our next question, which is kind of, you know, on the same, uh, on the same spectrum in terms of, you know, what personal challenges have you faced while running your, you know, starting or running your business? Um, you know, uh, you talked a little bit about it, but, you know, throughout the throughout the year, starting my business is, you know, there's been a lot of of, you know, I got I don't know if the people have heard this story if they listen to podcasts before, but I, you know, had a had a seven figure android app business that Google one day just decided to turn off. Um, you know that that's a hard pill to swallow going from, you know, $3000 a day net profit to zero just from that one business. That was just one of my business is, um, you know, besides the business, though, you know, there's a lot of like you were talking about personal tolls. Um, any major kind of personal things that you you've had to push through, um, while still running your business. Because I know a lot of people struggle with that, [00:06:53] spk_1: uh, I think during the last years. Yes, I you know that I went through divorce. Divorce influenced me a lot. So it was, like, two years I wasn't able to actually create anything. Um, I was just stick to wherever I had and my whole idea during that time just to push through, uh, things, Uh, the one of the things were bad, but somehow, you know, like Ernest Hemingway said that whatever doesn't kill us makes us stronger. So it made me way stronger and personal life. And now I know exactly what I want. How I want things to be, You know, it was needed to me. It was the right time in it was a good thing to happen. even though it was hard to go through that [00:07:45] spk_0: I did business [00:07:46] spk_1: when you to talk to a business, I think it's, uh, something you can just laugh at. And still like when I was open and technology, Uh, the first drawings, the engineers. So we started, I think in, um, December, December 2019. I got the first order that we started to work. So then, um, Covid hits China, and it was three good months of delay, so we couldn't start the production. But since the deposit were paid and we've been doing the, um uh, manufacturing, already in process of manufacture, it was just the delay. So my idea when I was starting technology, I knew that my merchandise have to arrive some way in me. So we have the summer collection. So the whole summer collection had to arrive and be there on Amazon and everywhere in the beginning of summer, no one knew that the coronavirus is going to happen and we're gonna be stuck. So at the end of the story, all summer collection, all pregnant ology arrived and of August like last two weeks of August. So I'm like, Oh, my God, what I'm gonna do. I have shorts. I have dressed this. I have 10 cops, You know, a lot of money. It's thousands, thousands, thousands, hundreds, Thousands of dollars are stuck and you don't know what to do. And then And that's already a really to understand. We didn't have limits or anything. It arrived in the Amazon warehouse. So the 40 ft container there And then, of course, it wasn't telling. As good as I was planning to sell that, and then the storage limits come for the merchandise. And then they increased the storage fees. So for all of this merchandise that I was planning to hold for another 68 months, I had to pay, like, thousands of dollars every week. So then I had to distribute a little bit, went to my house, and then we have the warehouses and, you know, that's already the fourth quarter. We're in the fourth quarter. No one was accepting the merchandise, so I had to negotiate and make sure you find the place where to store them, you know? But these things, uh, it's something that, like, if not this happens, something else would happen. I always look at that and it's okay, you know, we live and we learn, and that's business. And you cannot be upset. And I cannot in which cannot be sleep just because there is some hiccup in business. It's okay. You know what you're building, You know where you're going, and that's what it matters. At the end of the day. [00:10:30] spk_0: Yeah, absolutely. And I love that. One of the reasons I love to ask questions like that is because so many people will see, you know, people like us who have been doing this for super for a very, very long time. And they look at success and be like, Well, you know, I've been I've been doing Amazon for six months, you know? Why aren't why don't I have my Lamborghini yet? And they don't realize that, you know, to get here. I mean, you know, one of my first businesses was at the age of 19, you know, and I've had some successes, but I still have lots of failures, and I feel like people don't talk about the failures enough. So, um, thank you for sharing that. I think those that that's all you know, great stuff. That hopefully people can can take to heart. Um, getting back to Amazon. Um, you know, long launches are always changing. You know, people are always trying new things, you know, chatbots and, uh, you know, all kinds of different kind of, uh, you know, twists and turns on on how to get ranked. Um, what is your launch plan gonna look like in 2021? You know, when you launch a new product, What what are the steps that you're doing to make it a successful launch? [00:11:31] spk_1: First of all, I want to to tell you that all three of us been in the game, that lawn that looking at the lounges, strategies we're using right now back what we've been using 60 years 78 years ago when you've been ranking just by adding to the cart you've been buying from yourself, and this is like, Oh, my God, the world's changed. [00:11:53] spk_0: Yeah, they're tightening their tightening down on it, which I actually think, um, you know, is a benefit. I think in the long run, you know, But the problem is, every time they, you know, ratchet down on something that people find a way around it and You can't blame people for finding a way around it, because that's how business is done, right? If you figure out a way to launch a product or rank a product that nobody else knows about it, it might be a little gray hat. You know, you can't blame anybody for doing that. Um, but on the same token, you know, the I think the issue now is Amazon's kind of cracking down on that stuff, which, like I said, I think is good. Um, but the problem is is that they're not because they're using so much AI now to to crack down there, not, uh, you know, that enforcement isn't being spread fairly. Um, across the board, Uh, you know, with sellers. So I absolutely agree that, you know, it's it's ever changing. Um, but going back to it, you know, Are you doing anything differently in 2021 Are you going to kind of stick with you know what a lot of people have been doing lately? Which is, you know, chatbots search find by, uh, rebates. Um, you know, things like that. I [00:13:01] spk_1: cannot tell you that I'm, like, always always very clear and, uh doing everything by toss. It's not true. We're playing around a little bit here a little bit there. We're not going, like, really deep into the black hat techniques, but, you know, just here and there and to see how it's gonna fly. So I don't know. And especially since I am targeting on the highly competitive niches, Uh, in 2021 since, for example, Terra mad. We didn't even actually. And, uh, Amy knows we didn't even actually ever advertise that you're doing that. That's just the product. That is good. And, uh, since since we started, we actually never had really serious competition. So it's something difficult and something that needs lots of, um, overhead. And, um, you know, it's not that easy to start with 25 30 sizes and colors right away. So when it comes to a launching stretches 2021 I think the most important thing is to get the idea of your PPC because that's the biggest pain right now, especially for the new products. If you go into top of search right away, it could be you can. You can keep losing thousands thousands thousands of dollars a day so just be very smart about that. Use as many pre tools as you can. We're talking about Amazon calls to be talking about getting a little bit traffic from Facebook from instagram from Google. Uh, just don't overdo it, because that would actually can harm your rank. Ip, uh, what else is going to try to see? Try to target as much as you can by the, uh, competitors, because that's normally not that expensive. When you're trying to reach top of search right away and, uh, organic search find by That's the best thing. And yeah, I have to do a small shout out to random l here if I'm allowed. Isabella, if you're listening to us, Yes, uh, she's doing a great job, and I really think that it's, uh, one of the strategies is going to be a popular again in 2021 since the cost of PPC is killing us. [00:15:33] spk_0: Yeah, absolutely. Amazon is Trans transferring into a pay to play platform, which, you know, everybody saw that writing on the wall, and I definitely feel like, you know, this is you know that that time is upon us. Um but what? I want you guys to remember is you know, Amazon is always launching these news ad spots, right? We talked about it a lot. Um, like the video ads right now, the video ads are still killing it. I just put up a new one last night for one of our products that we have a little extra inventory left over from the holidays. And, um, you know, if you do a decent video, even if you go on can. But you can even go on camera now. A lot of people don't know this and make really great, um, Amazon videos with transitions and music and things like that. They've really done a good job. You don't even need to go to fiber anymore. Which I think you can do a better job with five, you know, without going to fiber doing any of that. Um, but I know that, you know, just like with your main photos that, you know, video is also, uh, you know, a big part of having success. I know, Christina, that you were doing that for a while. Are you still offering those types of services in terms of creating, like, really high quality lifestyle type type. Um ah. Videos. [00:16:38] spk_1: Yes, I do. I do own. And the marketing company. It's called MZ create. We do, um, have the lifestyle videos. And, uh, we had lots and lots of orders during fourth quarter boards for all of them. All of my brands, of all our I think that we're doing and also retaken clients and the prices are very affordable. It's around $450 per video. And yeah, if you have any questions, you have my Facebook guys hit me up, and I will get you the prices and the offer so we can do for your list and and, uh, m c create. We only doing at the videos right now. We don't offer any photography right now because we are so busy with the videos that we actually don't have time for doing pictures infographics and everything that comes [00:17:24] spk_0: with well, in in all my years of entrepreneurship, I've I've I've started to learn more and more every day, and I'm rereading the book. The one thing right, which is you know, if you go too wide, you know why add photos, right? If you're gonna be the best video you know, video producer for Amazon. Just rock the video and send somebody else to You know, sometimes we try to go too wide, even with some of my tools that I've created in the past, you know, always trying to be like, you know, every tool for every person. And when you go to what I think that you you start losing some of the magic that you had when you were really focused. So, um, I absolutely love that You're just doing video right now, and hopefully you just stick with that, um, [00:17:59] spk_1: on [00:18:00] spk_0: the on that same, uh, or a slightly different tact. Um, you know, a lot of people I know for me starting out. Um, And even to this day, it's one of the things that I really have to work hard on because I'm not good at it. Is staying organized building processes, things like that. Do you have any advice or, um, kind of any framework on how you create processes for either your Amazon business or, you know, your service businesses, things like that. [00:18:26] spk_1: So one of my best is is Amina Elia's Egyptian prescription, and I think I honestly think I've never seen anyone like that in my life. So efficient and so good at writing and doing S O. P. So whatever your business needs, special instruction special Prestigious. You want to set up the work with your me A. You want to set up the work, how you automate your business business processes when it comes to Amazon or any other online business or any other, even any business. I think this guy is really genius at what he does. And, um, I honestly believe me or not, I've been working with many people with the many mentors of mine who've been helping me during the way But his S O PS, and in general, like, wherever you come, today s opiate you need S o. P in your life like that helps. And, uh, sometimes I even get into the point that I'm doing the S o p. Karev a rash It could sound like for my life for my everyday life when you know, or the step by step and some routine. It's getting things easier. It does not allow you to stuck with the face questioning. Oh my God, what I'm doing next? This and this Because in any recipe, you have two variants like this didn't go you to try this. This doesn't go. There's two other ways. So in an ultimatum and doing the instructions always, if you cannot do them yourself or you see that they're not performing well, they're not efficient. Always ask for help, and it's very easy. There is special trained people, or there are many even Softwares. They can help you to automate, just to put it in the special format. That will be easy, uh, adjustable for you or employees where it's going to use that. And when it comes to Amazon business, I think I can just highly recommend Mina. Um, and if someone has said the question is how to but to automate their businesses. I think that's the best one. And also when it comes to the D A. Because all Amazon sells we work with the way is the outside outsource school. Nathan, here's right now, they're really good and t l Let's do the small shout out to them. And, uh, there is a good procedures and s a piece right there that can help you scale your business as well. And automated. [00:20:54] spk_0: Yeah, Nathan is a is a wizard, and I was just about to ask that. It sounds like you're not afraid to, um, you know, outsource work when it comes to your business. Um, a lot of people don't like to outsource or feel like, you know, hiring somebody to do work. Um, it's too expensive or, you know, I can just do that. But what people don't realize is a lot of times when you do that that you're now taking up space. Um, like you said, you know, visionary, as the creator of your brand of your company, you are supposed to be a visionary, right? You're supposed to be at a higher level in terms of strategy and, uh, you know, seeing where to go not actually like getting your hands dirty, not to see you shouldn't get your hands dirty. You, of course, have to You have to be in the day to day of your business. But you know, if it's a if it's a you know, what they always say is it's like a five or $10 an hour cast. You shouldn't be doing it as a as a CEO or or the owner of a company. Um, so that's that's another, you know, kind of good tidbit to, uh, take off of what Christina is saying in terms of, you know, hiring. Excuse me, people, that may be an expert in something that you're not. And not only that, but, you know, will will cost, you know, not much money at all. So, um, definitely look at outsourcing folks when you, uh when you when you when you're not an expert in, you know, a certain field. Now, Christina, you're not gonna get off of the podcast today without talking about, um, your your your dirty, naughty blog. Um, that is quite entertaining, even though lately I haven't seen any posts. Are you? Are you off of it now? Like what? What? What's going on there? [00:22:21] spk_1: So we took a two month break during the holidays and ever seen. And in two months, I think that will be end of January or we're getting closer to them. Uh, Valentine's Day 14th of February. We getting ready for the product launches and the beach and top. We're gonna be launching some products, and that's a big surprise. It's coming. Believe me, guys, if I do something. I don't dump it in the middle of the road, so we're gonna get it. And the vision top has just got trade marketed. So we're still there were still working at? Yes. We restoring our energy to impress you with the great, uh, the stuff that's coming soon. [00:23:06] spk_0: Yeah. And this is a This is a semi family friendly podcast. So we can't talk about it, but definitely going Google the the the the W a p Post, which I would say it was probably the one that got the most, uh, juice. Check that out, folks. [00:23:26] spk_1: On that note, [00:23:27] spk_0: Christina, uh, let people know. Um, you know what you're doing right now? How people can get a hold of you. And, uh, yeah. [00:23:36] spk_1: Uh huh. Right now, I'm focusing. As I said, um, to businesses that are launching Panda brothers are left around, but we're gonna grow it. A large in 2021 2 Mean is pharmaceutical business. That is about to launch in 2021. It's got to read the pharmaceutical. So, guys, I hope you'll hear this name. It's gonna be everywhere. It's gonna finally make me a billionaire. I think So this kid's fingers crossed and see how it she says finally like she didn't just start, like, a couple of years ago. Yeah. Don't Don't forget about [00:24:12] spk_0: these. Don't forget about the little people, right? [00:24:14] spk_1: I [00:24:15] spk_0: want to fly on the jet to, um Another thing I always like to ask, too, is, um you know, whenever we have people on is what you know. What are you into Any books? Podcast, motivational material? Self help? Kind of. What are you digesting right now in terms of information or books or things like that? [00:24:32] spk_1: Right now, I'm done. Just digesting Endia. Priscilla, I am trying to get ready to 75 card in four days and starting 75 part. So we got so scared. Uh, yes. And clubhouse also is taking a lot of time of my life right now. So these are the things that I'm focused. But, you know, it's all entrepreneurs. We have to be in these things. We have to work on our mindset on everyday basis. We cannot give ourselves a break. If our mindset is somewhere else, we can forget about the businesses, money, opportunities, abundance, uh, mindset. Well, anything like this is not gonna work. So, uh, if you're entrepreneur, if you want to be entrepreneur, if you want to be successful, if you want to make money, uh, wherever you want for yourself, you can do yourself and everything comes from the head. If that's in your head. Uh, if you set what you want in your head if you have the clear vision if you have any abundance mindset, that's one of my favorite quotes from my best. If you have that mindset, everything comes to you Easy. You don't have to work hard for that. Uh, you just, uh, visualize what you want and to do whatever it takes for this to be done. You already have all the knowledge and all the power to get anything in this world, and I think that's the most important things. And thank you for asking me because I think all entrepreneurs have to share as much as they can what they doing? Like, uh, Andy Forssell a 75 part, Uh, real as fuck. I'm sorry saying that a f but, uh, this thing actually blow my mind. And I've been listening looking for weeks already so and that that actually opened my mind and opened my mind My eyes in many spheres, uh, in our life and we'll see how 75 part is going to work for me. I don't know. Do you guys? Did you guys have heard about that? Did you do that? Try so I haven't Have you heard [00:26:40] spk_0: from What is it [00:26:42] spk_1: called? 75? Hard or heart? 25 hard. You have 75 days. Every day you have to do two workouts. One workout has to be outside, and that's the rule. Also, it's clean eaten, no alcohol completely for 75 days and 10 pages of the actual book. Not there audiobook, not the podcast or anything. You have to actually read 10 pages and, of course, clean it and go to diet, exercise and clear mindset. Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah this name. But you know just the ability not to go to the party, have a cocktail and exercise at the same time two times a day, even though it's raining on the bad weather. Or you just have one of those days that when you don't want to get out of the bad whole day, we'll see how it's gonna work. You know, I always like to see my limits. I wanted to push myself for them, see whether I can be and what could happen. Uh, like with my life. If I change something dramatically, we'll see Isabella Hamilton as well done that. So you can watch. I'll try to document whole process on my instagram. I think on Facebook, and I'll share the updates with you guys. That's interesting thing. Transformational. So 75 hard and by Andy for Gisella. A transformational mental toughness program. Iron Man for your brain. How to take complete control of your life in only 75 days. Okay, interesting. I'll check it out. I already work out really hard once a day. Yes. Let's do it. January. I need some support. Let's do it. Let's transform our life. We have, uh, things to do in 2021. So let's make it. Let's start it hard right away. I like it. Done stuff? Absolutely. [00:28:39] spk_0: I love it. Um [00:28:40] spk_1: all right, guys, [00:28:41] spk_0: uh, if you have not done so yet, please make sure that you subscribe to the podcast rate review. All that good stuff. We really appreciate it. We love getting feedback. Um, if if you guys want to join us on social, Um, you know, Amy's group is amazing at home. Mine is Amazon. FB a Titans. We answer tons of questions in there. We help you guys out, we talk about what we're up to. Um, you know all that, All that kind of fun stuff. Also, don't forget that we, uh we do this recording live every Tuesday, one PM, Pacific 2 p.m. Mountain, three PM Central 4 p.m. Eastern in the United States of America. Uh, if you guys want to join us live, please do so. What's cool about that is we'll stop the recording. We stop the live stream and we just have everybody who has shown up live in the zoom meeting and you guys get to interact with us, ask questions, get free advice, all that, all that great stuff. So please join us live, and we will see you guys next time on the seller Roundtable. Thanks for joining us today. Thanks for tuning in. Join [00:29:41] spk_1: us every Tuesday [00:29:42] spk_0: at one PM Pacific Standard time for live Q and A and bonus content. After the recording at Cellar round table dot com, sponsored by the Ultimate Software tool for Amazon Sales and Growth seller s c o dot com [00:29:55] spk_1: and amazing at home [00:29:57] spk_0: dot com.