Strategic Families
3 - Bring God's Word into Your Daily Rhythms (with Dan Wray)
August 23, 2021
Join us with business owner and Christian father & husband Dan Wray, who emphasizes the importance of bringing God's Word to bear on the everyday rhythms of family life.
In this episode with Dan Wray, business owner and faithful Christian father and husband, we explore:
  1. How to make your own time for reading & valuing the Scriptures, including his own entertaining story of how he first started to get serious about God's Word.
  2. How to bring God's Word into the daily rhythms of life.
  3. Not just teaching the Word to our children, but helping them see the importance of God's Word regarding what you face in life.
  4. Why it's so important to spend the time and energy to help our kids know the Scriptures.

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