Talent hacks for scaleups
Ep: 7 - Nick Mortimer and Troi, nothing Trojan about their hyper growth
September 15, 2021
In this week's episode of TH4SU, Theo gets to chat with Nick Mortimer at Troi on their meteoric rise up the ranks. We discuss: *Intro *How his recruitment world has changed *Sustainable & cost-effective, outsourced recruitment *Recruitment as a service *How it feels to reflect your customer's growth through hiring numbers *Shifting from mainly inbound to a mix of inbound/outbound marketing for the next stage of growth *How have your customers changed over the last 12 months *Adapting to the new remote world of work as we move to a new normal *Changing your mindset around team engagement and development *Closing thoughts and insights Enjoy the show! We welcome your feedback and any ideas on who you'd like to see on our upcoming talent hacks for scaleups shows! Check out our other episodes here: https://bit.ly/zincpodcast