The New Untouchables
S2:E5 The Pecora Files: When the Foundation Rots, Systems Collapse
August 2, 2021
O’Brien and Thigpen had the courage to do what was right in a world of a whole lot of wrong. This episode is monumentally bigger than Deep Throat and Watergate. Monumentally bigger than Oliver North and Contragate. It’s even monumentally larger than Trump and the Insurrection that will never be held accountable because we have become that corrupt.
The New Untouchables is an extraordinary journey that reveals regular people from around the country who actually had the character to do their jobs correctly. People doing their jobs correctly isn’t particularly the extraordinary part, rather, the grotesque revelations about how many people were willing to lie, steal and cheat their way to fictional profits perversely incentivized by a criminal racket who never paid the price of accountability because CEO’s were able to float above the law puppeteering the whole thing and the law let them get away with it because everyone got in line and danced to the notes they were playing.  How?  Why?
That’s what this series reveals in every nook and cranny of the enterprise to once and for all reveal what has eluded millions and led to trillions in theft by the bad guys, who never faced the consequences for their actions that destroyed millions and are in more control than ever before.  Meanwhile tens of millions suffered and continue to suffer and to this day, and still don’t understand what turned their world upside down. 

Join us as Steve Grumbine, Patrick Lovell, and Eric Vaughan take the audience into the real world experiences of the one and only John O’Brien and Jeff Thigpen, two incredible public servants, men of courage and integrity who are quite probably the only two keepers of land records in America committed to the reliability of these records. These men discovered monumental fraud in the housing bubble and notified everyone from Elizabeth Warren to Eric Holder to the New York Times and Matt Taibbi, but no one came to look. 

But Eric and Patrick did, and they discovered O’Brien had uncovered hundreds of thousands of pieces of documentation fraud emanating from MERS and Robo Signing that led to millions of wrongful foreclosures that were bulldozed by corrupt courts across the country. 
You think you understand how the system is rigged?  You think you understand corruption?  You’ve seen nothing yet.

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