The Healing Experiment
Ep 11: Connecting with Spirit Babies with Aparna Vemula
July 2, 2021
Learn how to create a soul to soul bridge to connect and communicate with Spirit Babies through this Divine conversation with Spiritual Medium Sue Dumais and special guest Aparna Vemula, certified Intuitive Coach, a certified Usui Reiki Master, a Soul Realignment™ Practitioner and the creator of Whisper Within. Aparna is a gentle guide who blends her unique intuitive gifts and tools like reiki, meditation, mediumship, and creative journaling to support women to lean into their inner knowing. Aparna empowers others to support their own awakening and show up as their joyful, authentic Self. She also uses her gift of mediumship to support women to explore and deeper connection with their spirit babies. Learn more about Aparna and her offerings at