Profitable Passions
Multi-passionate business opportunities with Kristen Edwards
September 5, 2020
Over 3,400,000 million women self-identify as #multipassionate, yet still get told they are scattered or confused. You can free yourself from the shame of multiple interests, when you focus on the business that pays for your passions. While many women are brainstorming through a dozen business ideas... Kristen has created the system that gets you from DREAM to DONE called "Gateway to Business". Now you can monetize your business, and have the time and energy to bring value to your clients. She also works with women who want to pivot to another business or add services as they discover they have more passions they want to explore. We really appreciate your help in making this podcast a #1 on iTunes. Please make sure you listen, subscribe, and review on to this podcast on iTunes, here's the link: