Rock Your Retirement Show
Get out and Do Something! Episode 007
April 4, 2016
What to do after retirement? Teri Lippert gives advice on what to do after retirement based on her experience. You can listen to the show at Get out and Do Something! Why is Teri's advice to get out and do something?  Before Teri Lippert retired always had a volunteer spirit.  She worked for the Girl Scouts program and had planned on working for a few more years before retirement.  However, after working 14 hour days and dealing with some difficult work situations, she decided to retire early while she was still young enough to travel and do other things that she wanted to do. Luckily, she had planned well financially and was able to do this.  But what was she going to do with her time?  When she was working, she had NO HOBBIES.  Her work was her entire life.  After a year, she started feeling depressed and figured that she’d better figure it out, so used her work skills to find out how to Rock her Retirement.   She knew that she had to get out and do something.  So she did.  She is now Rocking her Retirement in the following areas: Social and Family: * Teri did some research and joined the Riverside Women’s Club. The Riverside Women’s Club is celebrating their 128th The group is under the California Federation of Women's Clubs, which is under the General Federation of Women's Clubs.  There are Women’s Clubs all over the United States, and you do not have to be retired to join. * The Riverside Women’s club was formed in 1896 and now has about 62 members. Terri will find out if she gets elected as president of the club in April 2016. * Teri was elected to the to serve as membership chair with the club which was honored by earning the coveted SHOE award and is currently serving as the first Vice President or Dean. * The club serves over a hundred charities in the Riverside area. * Teri mentioned that she cannot have the club be her entire social life because she doesn’t feel that this is healthy so has outside activities that she does as well * Teri realizes that she needs to balance the time she spends with her social activities, hobbies, and still have time for her family. She schedules time in her calendar so that she makes time for everything and everyone in her life, including her sister, Barbara Lippert. Adventure and Travel: * Teri and her partner travel extensively, mostly throughout the USA since they have a time share. They normally take one big trip a year and 3 smaller trips.  This definitely helps her get out and do something! * Since they have a time share, there are over 300 properties where they can stay, and they enjoy finding new places to visit. * Her favorite trip so far was New Orleans. They loved it because of the jazz music, the above-ground cemeteries, and of course the food.  Not only do they travel by land, but they are also planning a cruise for September 2016. Volunteer and Philanthropy: * Teri found the Women’s Club by going to * Many times you can also find ways to volunteer by going to your city’s website. * Teri’s social life is tied to her volunteer work...