Nutrition Heretic
Carbohydrates And Why You Need Them on the Weekly Q&A
April 3, 2017
Will you be seeing 50 Shades of Whey be making an appearance?  Not very likely, but Adrienne shares what's been going on with her book, 50 Ways To Eat Cock: Healthy Chicken Recipes With Balls!  Modern Wheat is different than it was 100 years ago, and more people are reacting to it; but what are the consequences of cutting out gluten when you don't need to?  Do people replace gluten with alternative carbohydrates?   Why are some people so afraid of carbs? What happens when you eat too much fibre?  And as an added bonus, find out what Adrienne adds to her homemade sauerkrout to make it the best ever! These questions and more are answered on this week's Q&A with The Nutrition Heretic.