Safety FM with Jay Allen
Samuel "The HOP Nerd" Goodman
April 7, 2020
Today on the Jay Allen Show, Jay Allen speaks with the one and only HOP Nerd, Samuel Goodman. On this episode Samuel discussed how things are going in his world and how he decided to jump in the podcast world and the world of streaming. Enjoy it all today, on Safety FM.
This is what this show is brought to you by. Safety is streaming now on safety FM dot life Welcome to safety FM, where we talk about safety that's truly inspired by you. Yeah, don't get confused here. This is the Jay Allen show, but we're going a little bit retro today. So let me tell you what we have going on today, here on the J. Allen Show you a little bit rock n roll today and there's a reason behind that. Today I have the privilege of speaking to the one and only Samuel Goodman.  Most people know him as the hot nerd, so that's exciting. Who is Samuel Goodman? If you have not listened to the show called The Hot Nerd, you need to jump on that and take a listen. He is a great personality. I love the guy to death. Don't tell him it's our little secret, but if you don't know much about him, let me explain some stuff about it. He's a father, a significant other in a friend, first and above all else. He's also a safety professional in an organizational culture geek.  The hop nerd is an evangelist for safety differently So, without further ado stolen straight from Todd Conkling, Let's get you started with the hot nerd here on the jail on Joe. Okay, Cool. Cool, Cool. Cool. So thanks for taking the time for actually doing this. I know that. It's a very strange time at the moment, it has been a wild and crazy. It's nice to nice to talk to someone outside of the house. Are you quarantining yourself on purpose or you guys on lock down? Um, we're we're on, Uh, we're not on lock down.  We're just kind of self quarantining right now. Now, here's the funny thing is that I know some people that I have been doing it on their own, right, You know, all of a sudden boom. Now, depending on where you're at some places there doing another, like freaking out. Oh, my God, I'm to be locked out. It was like, Whoa, you kind of started on your own. Yeah, way were kind of Ah, Fortunately with my day job employer, um, they kind of jumped to a pretty quick and really early just said, Listen, all non essential folks, if you can telecommute, that's what you're gonna do.  Eso Obviously we generate electricity, so he hasn't folks that that we have to get out to the sites are gonna do some stuff. But for the vast majority of our weeks, right now on and then I'm kind of kind of forced into it because I've got a five year old that's not in school right now. We call it the illusion of choice, right? Right, Exactly, Exactly. So how are you going to some of the stuff and head of science and actually do some stuff for the past couple days?  And I haven't been able to see Oh, so how are you liking? Are you doing the home school, or would she be on spring break at this time? So she was right past the cutoff, So she's she actual hasn't started kindergarten stuff in pre K. So she was. She was right past the cut off, so she was still doing her regular kind of more pre K daycare type of thing until she starts school in in August. So it's really it's just just keeping her home. So it's just it's been interesting.  Well, I I think it's interesting because, like here, they're starting to come actually tonight they're going to shut down. Orlando is really what? It boils down to base. My one of my oldest daughter was actually in. She's going to elementary school and they can't elementary school. And they're saying that the 15th is the projected data when they're gonna come back. I don't think it can happen at all, But my youngest daughter is in day care if that's still going, I mean, that's still going 100%. And I'm just like, I don't get that, but okay, whatever.  That's kind of what happened here. She goes to, Ah, hurt her. Daycare is awesome. Um, you know the same could be their kind of hit or miss that. We took some time and really, really found a good one. And they're technically still open technically, right? They didn't it didn't really come out. They were shutting down, but they basically called everyone and talking to the center director, she basically passed on us. He said, Listen, we're not technically shutting down, but no one is bringing their kids in. We're coming around to ask to see if anybody's coming, because if not, we're just gonna lock the doors and put a sign on the door and say, We're closed.  There was never There's never a mass order. Arizona has had remained open and a lot of those ways for schools and daycares and certain things like that. There is an executive order that came out from the governor not too long ago that shut down gyms and all that stuff because, Jim, we're open up until the past week. Really Pretty much everything else was open up until the past week. Other than just some pretty strong recommendations on certain things under talkinto my friends back East, I'm from Virginia originally and Virginia.  They pretty much shut down and said they're not coming back for the rest of school year. It anything that that that's gonna be the case in most places, they're gonna do the virtual school thing, which is really gonna be just kind of a joke. And I don't mean that in a bad way, because, I mean, that could come across is a bad thing of me saying that I think I'm gonna kind of be one of those things of trying to have the kids of still being involved, right?  I don't really think they're gonna focus on Hey, you failed virtual school and you're not making enough. What's going on? Talk about reason into an easy graduation for those seniors, and I don't know if you noticed this, but yesterday there was a news story that came about out of some of the some of the people that are in the medical field out in New York there. If this is the year their schedule to graduate, they're gonna let them actually go out early as long as you're in turn in New York to actually help out with this thing that's going on.  And I thought it was an interesting approach because you're gonna get real life experience also at the same time. So if your schedule to graduate in May, they're gonna go ahead and say, Boom, let's do it early. And there was I it didn't go into depth if they were actually even gonna allow that to the people they were scheduled to graduate in December. Right? Right, Well, yeah, that's the super interesting because that's, uh, that's pretty unheard off E. But we're kind of in on her time unless you go back to, like 1918 at the moment and go.  Okay, so there's flu, right? When I I think I think that's a lot of Ah, a lot of conversation now, right? I mean, I've been dealing with that, um, throughout my throughout my days, telecommuting, working from home. Um, about how much of your current regs that we follow. Current procedures, Current rules that we follow actually heard us pretty bad right now. Well, listen, I don't care if you have a fit test. You're gonna wear the freaking respirator. I don't care. We medically cleared you. That's out the window right now.  It compliant concert, right? Truth. I mean, and these are the questions that I keep on asking the people, especially when they are able to telecommute. So you're doing tilikum hearing, and then you're able to interact with some of the people that are out in the field, right? One of the questions that are coming out from them because those are the people that I keep on being so interested in going. So what is their their thought process, Especially having to be out there right now. I can speak to it.  I can speak to the folks in and kind of utility power generation, all that kind of stuff. Um, and folks in Arizona. So this is very specific. Arizona does not have this sense of panic that I kind of see in a lot of other states, at least extreme level of kind of mentioned commonly seen in the grocery store. Quite a bit. You kind of see it in day to day life. But for those books are actually out there working and essential folks, you know that. Help keep the lights on there.  Just seeing it is kind of a normal day other than, uh, then kind of jumping through some extra hoops. But then again, I've seen companies here at least be very, um very pretty, Pretty smart as they've approached this thing. They started sending nonessential folkshome way back when? A couple weeks ago. So the plans were already limited. Um, locations were already limited folks out there, you know, in their transmission distribution side, they were they were already pretty limited on the staff. That was a regular limit to essential personnel.  And then those folks that were there, they were basically distanced in place. So they've been living with this stuff for a few weeks now. So for some folks out there, some organizations that were a little late to the game, this might be new. So the panic. I think we already got past a little bit of that. Hey, this is weird phase, and we're kind of into the phase of okay, It's normal for me to go through and get a symptom check and get my temperature read and get a wristband for the day.  So I know you know that I haven't been checked. And before I go to work, um, we're most of folks I'm interacting with. That's pretty. That's pretty normal for them right now. At least a new normal right now. What? I want to make sure that I mentioned use you this before. I forget we. Right now it's safety FMR running a contest to Lee into the week, which is Friday, April the 10th and this contest consists of us giving away 10 free ads that will air on our different shows.  So if you have the opportunity, go to safety FM dotcom four slash contest toe enter. From there, you have the chance of actually entering in daily and we will actually produce the content and run the ad for you just to be able to assist and help grow your business. Make sure you deceive dfm dot com fort slash contest form or details, and we are back on the J. Allen Show on Safety FM. So as you're seeing this and I know that you can only go specific to the area that Sharon are you seeing scarcity for some, then when it comes to the whole thing, what you mean as far as scarcity, So meaning like they're always been afraid because they're seeing this Maybe not so much in the Arizona area, but they're seeing all of a sudden, let's say the East Coast lets us use the example of New York.  Or if you want to go somewhere a little bit closer, we talk California. Sure, you're seeing the whole state's closed, is it right? Right. And that's a fear. Right? And again, um, you don't really see so much of that with with the utility folks, at least fear of not being able to work, I guess I think you know, we as with most, you know, larger utilities Well, contractors, I think they're probably more fear in that space, right? As we kind of scale back to just keeping, keeping Ah, really Just making electricity, right?  What? A lot of folks don't think about that outside of outside of our space right now is that this thing hit right in the middle of the out of out of season, right? For for power plant. So we're halfway through doing major overhauls on units, and we have units off line that aren't normally off line. And we've got turbines tore apart and all this kind of stuff, and then all of a sudden we're going. Holy crap. We gotta not let you come to work right now. So wave down quite a bit of generation is what we have normally been.  Um, and I'm not sure I grew up in the nuclear world in the commercial nuclear generation space, so I'm not sure how that world dysfunction right now. I think that would be interesting. I just haven't asked yet. I haven't reached out any of my friends in that space yet to see how that's working. But as they go into these spaces with these massive outages that are going on sometimes bringing in thousands of contractors to work on these nuclear sites. This is prime time for those to be happening. Spring.  Uh, I'm wondering if they've continued on with those outages. Earthquakes postponed them splits. We'll see. But yeah, it is interesting to see how it's playing out for us again in the utility world. Ah, my my day job is in fossil generation. So I'm playing around in a bunch of, uh, I'm not in the cold side, him in the natural gas science or hanging out with a bunch of natural gas power plants. All that stuff. Um, a lot of what I'm saying is just folks adapting toe what's the new?  Nor, you know, the new normal for them right now, which is symptom checks and staying six feet away from each other. And, you know, all that kind of fun stuff is happening. Well, I mean, let me kind of just kind of jump around because I'm not where I can tell you we can make this whole conversation about everything that's going on. And I don't because I think that I think that people are taking a listen to what we have going on just a can to get a little bit out of the norm.  And I'll tell you, I was one heart off of that portion of the conversation. So I apologize. Let me going to jump around a little bit because I wanted to ask you when we first started off. And I've had this question since day one. Even though we've had several conversations, Why did you decide to do? Ah, a safety podcast. What was what was that you saw that was missing at the time that you said This is something that you figured that she needed to do? Well, I'll tell you, honestly, it was pretty selfish.  I guess it just It seemed like a lot of fun. It seemed like something I wanted to do. Number one. You know, I I've been a nerd in audio and playing with a V stuff for a while, and I kind of put that down for a while, as I'd kinda kinda got more focused in on my career over the past 10 years or so, Um, but then as I started to tune in and listen to other podcasts and really started to pay attention to stuff that was going on in the safety space outside of kind of my normal bubbles like this is really cool.  This is something that I really enjoy doing. It scared the crap out of me, to be honest with you. First, I'm so I put it off and put it off and put it off. And then eventually I'm like, Okay, if it scares me, I should probably do it. So I just jumped into an insert playing with it. So really, I guess the short answer that is is that I would just really wanted to have a little bit of a hobby. I guess I can see where it went off.  The assumption was the ones who were listening to our so crappy that you said you just needed to create your own. So that's that's part two to that part. Two of the response there's there's some great ones, obviously, right there. There's some awesome ones out there. Um, but what I found in the safety space in particular, uh, and it started. I started noticing it in an organization that I was associated with. First is that things were very, um you're soon to be a political answer. Listen, block.  I guess there's no way he hears the word that we coined. The word that we coined in my organization was we started calling it starchy. Okay, so it's safety was very starchy. It was very like pressed slacks and polo shirts all day, right? It was very scenario they recorded their podcast inside of the bathroom and it sounded like there was echoing. And they want to give you all these stupid references to these numbers and the system, and they sounded like crap. Let's be realistic because that's resort yet.  Yeah, it was. It was boring, right? I mean, I mean, you said it. It was worried. So then that that's part of starchy right to me, Starchy is Is that right? It's It's the pressed slacks. It's the polo shirt and it's someone rambling on about data. Wow, Are you calling out an organization in particular that I better know? Not com Coming out. Most of them, I think. What? Let's be real when it comes to this. There's some of them that are out there that I think they start off with very good intention.  But then it became a format where they're trying to market their memberships so that way. We a little bit more specific, but they're marked memberships. That's the whole purpose behind it. And I think which you have going on. It is such a different approach number. What you call yourself a nerd, which most people don't have the balls that deal. It's interesting that you did that, and then number two, you take a different approach on it. I almost feel like when I'm watching your show, because I watched him.  When you do with the YouTube stuff that I feel like I'm waiting Chu. I'm actually watching like a rock star doing his prepping for his rock show as you're going through the motions and covering stuff and you're constantly moving. I don't see you stand still during that show that good as you're looking at your phone. Sometimes you have some distractions, with some people blocking the camera, not throwing anybody out there different things that you're trying to make sure that the audience is engaging, and at that point you're doing all these different stuff.  And that's what the video portion and I'll tell you the first time that I heard the show and you were on a different platform At the time, I was very intrigued. And I want to say I listened to the 1st 1 I want to say I listen to the 2nd 1 By the 3rd 1 I think I had already contacted you saying, Okay, we need to do something. And that's how we're here now. So as you decided to do this, why did you take such a different approach? Well, I think it was to counter some of that, right.  I mean, as as with most things like that, I think you're try to produce what you feel like you would want, right? I mean, you feel like when I was looking in that space, that's what was missing for me. Um, was that kind of edging us? That that punk rock ish nous? And that's kind of what that's our slogan around the houses that we haven't released. Anyone else is that we really want. And I say we is my family, right? That's my team waiting to be kind of a punk rock of safety, right?  We wanted to not be starting to not be dry to non people were in. We will. Entertainment is a valuable right. You gotta if if it's if it's not entertaining, you're not going to spend any time watching it. And I feel like that's what I was missing when I when I would tune into most safety podcasts or watch most safety videos, I would just find myself board. And I'm going out about about about 10 CFR You okay? Got it. I learned that 15 years ago. I don't really care to talk about the regs.  I want to talk about real stuff that we can actually do in our organization. Um, and that's really where us. That's That's where I kind of brought in that that nerd name from, um, I didn't want to be known as any type of guru because I'm not right. I didn't want to be known as any type of of expert because I don't really consider myself an extreme expert. At least I wanted to be known as someone that really just wants to dive into this stuff and continue to learn and share what I learn.  And that's really where the where some of the nerd name came from. Plus, it was given to me kind of early on by some friends at work it was that in a good context or kind of questionable, it was well, so it's power generation, so it's always kind of questionable. It was It was both. It was kinda kind of the the fun. Hey, I like you, but I like you enough to give you a little little stab in the ribs there. Yeah, perfect. Of course. Right, Right, right.  I'll tell you in, of course, I get to see some things that others don't. You have a lot of content that you've already released, but also a lot of content that you haven't released. What drives the passion of you having so much ready to go? I mean, they say you have a lie I'm talking about. I would I don't know if I want to give exact numbers because that's not fair to you for me to do that. But you have so much stuff, just kind of waiting for you.  Just You just have to hit a button and let it all let it all out. But there's so much info. What drives you to have that much passion to be so far ahead of the curb? Well, and I think that's exactly it is the passion piece. Um, as with most I grew up, I started in safety relatively young, and I know I'm not gonna give a fool kind of history here, But let's just say I started in safety Young. I was around. I got to see all the crap that we all dislike about secret.  Most of us, just like about safety. Um, and I've seen the negative side of that stuff on, and that's that's where my passion really started to brew around, doing kind of safety differently. And I've seen the benefit, too, to our our front line folks into our folks out there doing actual work as we kind of transition to safety. Differently. New view. Say what? Whatever. Whatever we want to call it, um, it's what my passion ultimately comes from there, and it really it really. That phrase that we threw out a lot is that I really just want to help make the world a better place to work.  I mean, I think I can do that by continuing to share that message, and that's what keeps me going with it. That's how I developed all off all that content. Absolutely. That's there's so much of it that that that's why I switched toe, adding an extra day of release for the podcast, at least. But it seems like the more that I released, the more I continue to d'oh! Um, as we kind of talked about the YouTube stuff doing the live streams Now, um, like Okay, yeah, that was great up scrolled all that away, But now we can release that faster and oh, but let's doom or let's do more videos.  Let's do more live stream. Yeah, I think it is is ultimately that. That's that's where all of that passion comes from is just that toilet down into something very, very simple. It's not just contained a top, it's not just contained to safety is the whole thing is just trying to make the world a better place to work through J. Allen Show. So you're bored with what you're listening to you and you think you need a little more because if you need a little more, I think I can help e everybody.  Todd conquered re accident investigation, and along with my buddy Jay Allen of Safety FM, we've done the unthinkable, and that is we put some of my books up on audible. So if you gather information by listening to books on audio, you're in luck because three books are available right now. And if you're interested, you can pick him up. No problem at all. Workplace Fatalities, The New Five Principles of Human Performance and my very first book called Simple Revolutionary Acts, are all available for you to enjoy and ponder and argue and chew on and their work.  They're yours and they're on audible Try mouth. 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So now are you taking any of your video streams and actually making them part of your podcast?  Or they just kind of like, stand alone where your your audience members would need to actually take a view. A post, actually, Just normally this taking Eliza? No. So I'm actually taking, um I'm taking the two main live stream. So, um, most folks out there have been kind of fallen along with me. Have noticed that I've been live streaming just about every single day right now, just with everyone's kind of locked up in the houses. It's been for my sanity more than it is for anyone else.  I won't. I won't lie about that. It's a great way for me to interact with people. But the main, the main live streams that I'm doing Wednesdays and Fridays as soon as we get done with the Lifestream. I just uploaded up to the podcast feed as a bonus. So it's there to, um, a CZ you mentioned. We get a little visual with some stuff. So as long as you're willing to sit through me, maybe describing something a little bit if you get it was mostly a camera based show with that one.  But it is. It is going into the end of the feet. So let me ask kind of, ah, strange thing for you. So I know that you have rushed in the past that you actually had read Decker's field guide, So I I would imagine that following after that you had to read some of Conklin's books. Sure. Yeah. Actually, that actually spent some I was fortunate enough to be able to spend about a week with With Todd. Hold on. That's where I want to get to the Oh, don't jump the gun on me.  So let me let me answer your question. Yes. Yes, because you go from reading the guys work all of a sudden. Now you're sitting in a car with him. You're not doing a podcast for your show. You're doing a podcast for the pre action an investigation. And let's be realistic in our little industry, especially related to anything inside of being on Todd shows a really big deal. Oh, so hot. How does that go for you? It was mind blowing to be obsolete. It was absolutely my boy.  And I guess I can give I guess I could give a little behind the scenes. And I guess I can't get the tot tot gave it away in the intro to that episode, Um, we actually sit down and I'm already nervous, right? It zat Conklin, right? Let's be honest. You said it's freaking Todd Conklin, right? Um, somebody that I've looked up to in this space for a very long time since since I first knew hop was right. Um, and we're sitting there were, you know, all jacked up, ready to go.  We record this podcast in this nice sit down environment and all of sudden, because all the other computer aided Sorry, we've got to do it again. So I did it to get in the car as you mentioned on the car on the zoom handy recorder, um, and and that's that's what we heard right. So is that was the second take, which was a little more interesting way because mind blowing, it was mind blowing to sit across from somebody that you look up to. And as you said, I think the best way to describe Todd and are filled.  He's he's the rock star. He's a rock star in this space, so it's like meeting any any other rock star you look up to now I'll put it to you this way. The first time that I had taught on the show, I was extremely nervous, even though it was, it was over over a phone line, right and we didn't talk about parameters, time limits or anything. We just went and Todd covered anything that I asked. He was willing to willing to cover and then we actually, we had a We have a pretty big friendship that came out of it.  The the interesting part is I have looked up to Todd for several years, so to me it's it's always amazing when I look down and also I'm getting a phone call and it's tied and it's like for me, it's like, how is Michael Jordan calling me. At least my Michael Jordan was calling it blows. I'm from time to time on and when I take a look at it. So when you go through the experience of not the first time, but the second time, what do you think when it's done?  What, what do you think? So it's like he asked you, you're not asking him questions. He's asking you. How did you feel that it went over all? Oh, awful. Absolutely awful. Yeah. No, it's so number over one. I mean, you're always going to be super critical of yourself, right? Especially in that situation, but with folks. But what folks don't see about that that episode is that it's me driving right. It's It's Todd in the front seat of my car. Handy record resume Handy quarter in my face trying to maneuver through this.  This was pre apocalypse. So? So there's plenty of Phoenix traffic, right? Plenty of Phoenix traffic and we're going to the airport. We missed the airport, like, twice. Right. So talk about multi tasking, all this kind of crap, right? But I'm trying to think dr and get Todd to the airport, find the right terminal law if you can't tell. I was a little distracted in that interview. Yeah, but I mean, the thing is that he's a distracting fellow as it is. I mean, I've had the privilege of also doing some recordings with him in person outside of one that I had done over the phone, and he likes to goof around.  So I don't know if he was messing around with you. Why? While you're driving, which I'm sure he probably didn't. But he likes to make the faces and then kind of wait to see what? You're going to do it as a reaction? Absolutely. Absolutely. I will tell you that we had some interesting experiences as we went out to eat throughout the week. Hanging out, hanging out with Todd in the restaurant is interesting. Especially if you take him to pay way. So if you have you ever had the opportunity, you're figuring it out with Todd.  Take him to a pay way. It's a blast. Okay. I have to keep that in mind. So now you you made it to the pre accident investigation. You do the show and you've done actually interviews with some other people too. I'm seeing that you're actually changing Almost the people that are coming on. And what I like is that you kind of do a pretty big diversity. You kind of go with people that are kind of new into the into the space. And then you're interviewing some people that are What's a known are that you've reference that are known inside of the space.  How do you feel about doing kind of make sure both things I like it. You know, when I first started this this whole kind of thing and I decided, Okay, it's probably shouldn't just be me rambling. Um, I just wanted to have on people that I felt were cool and interesting and fun and whether folks knew about them or not. I mean, I'm sure you can relate being in this profession for as long as I have you meet some amazing people and you made some amazing practitioners out there that no one has ever heard off, right?  I mean, folks that are just that aren't even on linked in right. And I'm going at this. This person, I need to get this person on, and there's some of those numbers continue to work on, um, that again, Not not downplaying the rock stars of our industry, such as the Todds and the Deckers and those folks. But their folks out there that have had such influence on me just learning from them and them sharing some of their wisdom that again, just just folks that others have never heard of that I just want to help spread that voice around a little bit, because if I could benefit from it, there's others out there that can Ah, and I just want to give them a little bit of a platform to do that.  So do you feel that you're accomplishing your goal? I feel so I feel like it. Yeah, I mean, I'm I'm always going to be Ah, it's just nature of my personality. I'm pretty self critical stuff, but I don't think so, right? I think so. I think what, Every day it's just we're trying to make it a little bit better. We're trying to get get that next person on. We're trying to spread that message. Um, we're trying. I'm really just trying to put out stuff, whether it's in a podcast, whether it's in the live streams whether it's in my linked in feet or other social media.  I'm just trying to put out stuff that adds value to folks, that there's some value there. My whole goal, A CZ. I kind of started this, especially with some of the other social media content that turned out, um, was just I want to put out stuff that people want to steal right and left them. I like how I want them to steal it, right. I think that's great. I want to put out stuff, whether it's whether it's a pictures, graphics native content that we're developing, that folks go.  Okay, I'm gonna steal that. Put it in my presentation, right? That's that's That's the end goal. So I think I'm gonna think I'm doing that. I think I think we're pumping out quality stuff. So right now, what do you want to accomplish? What? The podcast itself Is there something that you're looking on doing, or is this something is this going to lead to something else or what? What do you think? I don't know. I just I just want to continue to grow it right now. I'm just I'm just focusing on quality content and I think the growth will come right.  I don't I don't really have a goal be onto just pumping out quality stuff right now. I know personally for me. I'm really trying to get deeper into the live stream stuff. I'm really trying to get deeper into the video content side of things. I'm starting to replace some of my normal type content with actual video content instead. Um, so for me kind of short term goals that that's a lot of what what folks are probably seen out there is I'm really focused on stepping up the live stream game and stepping up the video game from the channel right now.  I mean, you built out a whole freaking studio. Let's be real here, I think. What did you say? I think you say you can hold eight people who, by remembering that correctly, who is my look? So let's let's just let's just let's let's say this right now. I have the worst luck on the planet, right? So I'm sitting there, I'm going, Okay, I've got all these awesome friends in Phoenix I had on a near and dear friend of mine, an amazing hot practitioner Miss Patty. Caf Arman on the podcast.  There's there's my plug for the podcast, folks, go back. Listen to that one. But we had to do it sitting in front of a water grill, right? We're set in front of a water girl in Tempe, Arizona, with a zoom Hendry, according people like Push it trash cans behind us and, like flipping over chairs and Carl Horn talking. Well, I like the ambiance, right? Ah, mustard there thinking. I'm like, you know, I would love to have a place to build, to bring everyone together to Beto have that conversation.  Ah, and that's that's the goal with the Lifestream. My whole look comment was that, Of course. You know, we get prepared to do all this stuff. We get set up with multi cameras, multi microphones, everything ready to go, ready to live stream and then thin. The apocalypse happens, right? So we can't bring anyone. He went in, but that's the end goal is so folks like like my friend Patty or all the other folks that don't know in the Phoenix area of folks that travel through because Phoenix was obviously hub for a lot of us.  Um I would love to have folks in and actually have them in person on the Lifestream and do that right. I think that would be kind of one of the one of the end goals is to get to that point is really focusing on having having guests here and actually going livestream with guess I just I just think I love that format. It's just fun. I mean, I think it's an excellent format on how you're doing all these things, especially the different aspects on how you do the content, because you do full episode, you do.  Interview episode. You d'oh! What I call many source kind of a few minutes, and then you will do that stream. I think you're doing some great stuff out there. People want to know more about your work and they actually get some or of information. So the easiest way to find stuff about me is this. Head over to www dot t hot nerd dot com. That's that's an easy way to find me. I'm on linked in Just under Samuel Goodman. That's my main linked in page. There's a hot nerd.  Lincoln Page two. You know, if you just search the hot nerd on most social media platforms were able to find me. The logo's pretty recognizable. Um, the hot nerd. You know, there's a lot of folks after that used the hop and hop stuff and you'll find some of your stuff. We just kind of cool like that, too. But ah, a little different from from our our podcast from our show. But you'll still see the logo. You confined me, but yet Lincoln is a great place to find me.  That's that's kind of my main platform. That's where I'm doing a lot of communication with folks. That's if there's probably the easiest way to get a hold of me is on linked in or through the website. So thank you for coming onto the show. And of course, I appreciate everything that you're doing out there, and there's going to be a lot more to come from you, and I'm sure that I'll tag it on somewhere on this episode before it's all said and done putting out before it's all said, it'll be fine now.  14 episode today. That's not well. This brings another episode of the J. Allen show to an end. I really appreciate Samuel Goodman taking the time to have the conversation with us here today and thank you for always being the best part of Safety FM. And that's the listener and a special thanks to my producer for the day, Olivia Alan and we'll be back with another episode of the J. Allen show Before Too long Goodbye for now. Once more of the J. Allen show, the more we get into your head.  Safety FN. The views and opinions expressed on this podcast are those of the host and its guest, and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or physician of the company. Examples of analysis discussed within this podcast are only examples. It's not be utilized in the real world at the only solution available as they're based only on very limited in dated open source information assumptions made within this analysis or not reflective of the position of the company. 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