PublishHer Podcast
{ep. 80} Keeping Clear on Your Marketing Goals with Stephanie Feger
February 1, 2023
Stephanie Feger and Alexa Bigwarfe discuss why you should NOT do all of the things when trying to market your book, and how important it is to focus your marketing efforts to support your goals and align with what your target reader needs.
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When marketing your book, it's important to focus down on the most impactful actions, not just doing ALL the things to see what works.

Stephanie recommends:
- Know your why
- Create laser focused marketing strategies
- Target audience - focusing on the ONE to reach the MANY

About Stephanie Feger:

Throughout her life, Stephanie Feger has been in the business of empowering people. From empowering teams to motivating volunteers in communities across the nation and now, empowering authors, she’s passionate about empowering people to achieve success.

However, it was a dream — literally — that changed everything for her. That dream charged her to write a book, and it became the catalyst for her to redefine her own success, re-evaluate her personal goals and turn her “what-ifs” into “why-nots.” Stephanie is the author of Color Today Pretty: An Inspirational Guide to Living a Life in Perspective and Color Today Pretty Guided Journal, where she shares her secrets to harnessing true perspective, the ones she has used to discover the difference between living an ordinary life and an extraordinary one.

After working in the communications and marketing industry for years, Stephanie merged her unique expertise with her life’s passions, founding the emPower PR Group where she, and a team of highly skilled marketing experts, help nonfiction authors write books that sell; promote books to those who need them, want them and will buy them; and help authors build or grow meaningful businesses around their books’ empowering messages.

The emPower PR Group blends personal experience with innovative marketing solutions to ensure those who need to hear of a message, a book, an author or a brand, do! Success books require strategic marketing – and Stephanie knows this because she has lived it. Learn more about Stephanie Feger and the emPower PR Group at

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