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321. YEAH GRAVEL WORLDS with Corey Godfrey & Jason Strohbehn
March 13, 2023
It's always exciting to learn the history behind some of the iconic gravel races in the USA and Gravel Worlds would be one of them, celebrating over a decade of Grass-Roots gravel love. Thanks, Cory Godrey & Jason Stohbehn for a great conversation.

Cory Godrey: Exec director
Jason Stohbehn: Social media

 Gravel world's mission is to create a fun, ******* gravel event for all levels of athletes to enjoy
celebrating over a decade of grassroots gravel love starting in 2010, gravel world is celebrating our 14th gravel world in 2023! We are so proud to stick to our grassroots and keep our races to what really matters, friends and family, coming together to ride bikes
Grassroots: noun [ grahs-roo ts ]

“Community, small towns, friendly strangers, do it yourselfers, tradition, making connections in the community, volunteers, oasis's, handshakes and hugs. Grassroots has no barriers.”

— Craig Schmidt (Schmidty) GW Race 
 Gravel worlds history

The beginning

 we started out as a group of friends and 20 08 who loved riding and just wanted to part play bikes without all the rules. Like kids on a playground we made-up for our own rules together we went and nicknamed each other the pirate cycling league. No categories, no officials, no prize money, just, bleeding lungs, and blowing up legs, with years and stories at the finish. Before gravel worlds our event was called the good life gravel adventure in 2008 and 2009.

gravel worlds 2010: 

in 2010 we gathered about 100 of our closest friends for the inaugural gravel worlds. Some of us came to win, some came to just finished. 150 or so miles of unknown and unmarked courses, navigation was via cue cards, no support, and only Lotto tickets from small town stores to prove we did the whole route. Who knew this game would become part of the culture that we now call #gravelfamily


the game has grown over the last decade to fit all the people who want to come to play. We have some rules now. We sometimes have to be the officials but we are staying true to our roots and just want to have fun playing bikes. Some come to raise some come to ride but we all share the same road. We have been and always will be THE Gravel Worlds for the people

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