447: The Panorama of Gratitude in Sedona
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447: The Panorama of Gratitude in Sedona
March 25, 2023
Aingeal Rose & Ahonu express deep gratitude for their lives and give praise to the landscape of Sedona for its inspiration. #sedona #gratitude #appreciation #forgiveness #givethanks #panorama #schneblyhill #sedonavortex #vortexofsedona
Hi, this is Aingeal Rose, and I just wanted to share with you, just for fun, where we are right now. As many of you know, we're living in Sedona right now, and one of my favorite places to go during the day is this hill called Schnebly Hill. Schnebly Hill has the most beautiful views, so I had Ahonu take a little panorama of where we are right now because it just snowed here a couple of days ago. I think we've got nine inches, didn't we, Ahonu?

A lot of it's melted right now, but I want you to see what these rocks look like dusted with snow. It's the most beautiful scenery. The sun is blazing. It's about 52 degrees.

We pulled in this parking lot and there's even a wedding going on here, believe it or not. We thought, what a beautiful place to get married. But anyway, we just wanted to share with you, this is where we come for inspiration and for journaling. Ahonu likes to get out and take a little walk around the place, because it's absolutely gorgeous. So I just wanted to share that with you.

Hi, my name is Ahonu and on behalf of Aingeal Rose, welcome to this little message from the mountain. Now, Aingeal Rose has just published a new book called the Book of Manifesting. Many of you may already know about that and it's available on Amazon and where all good books are sold. I want to talk about it just for a moment, only in so far as people's perception of what manifesting is. One of the things that comes out in the book is that the ability to be able to be grateful, gratitude is one of the great steps for manifesting successfully. In other words, if you're grateful for what you have.

And why this has come up today is because I've been walking - I'm out of breath as you can gather from the video, in the red rocks of Sedona and I have to declare publicly that I am so grateful to be here, to be able to enjoy this enormous, beautiful resource that we have here in Sedona and to be able to share it with you from time to time in these messages from the mountain.

Gratitude extends to everything. Gratitude for the very pillow you sleep on and being grateful for the fact that you have a pillow. I know that sounds condescending to a degree, but with all the wealth that's in the world, there are still so many people starving and without a place to sleep.

That gratitude from me extends out to everything, the breath, the air we breathe, the clothes that we have on our backs, the fact that we live in a free country, the fact that we are relatively free and healthy in all kinds of different ways.

And so, I just wanted to share that with you today simply because it is, for me anyway, one of the foundation stones of that manifesting. And I, of course, as you know, I'm the producer of these books in that I do the interior layout, I do the interior design, I do the cover design, I do everything to do with the type-setting and everything for our own books, as well as books for our numerous authors.

In that way, I have first-hand knowledge. I am at the cutting edge of what the spiritual self help books are about. I am very, very grateful for that also. To extend it, I'd be grateful if you got a copy of it, because you too will be grateful that you did get a copy of it and you'll find it'll be a great help to realizing the life of your dreams.

So there you are. That's the message from the mountain today.

Blessings from myself, Ahonu, and from Aingeal Rose.