The second time I met Method Man
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The second time I met Method Man
August 13, 2021
In this episode, I tell you the story of the second time I met Method Man.
All right, so this episode is the second time that I met Method man, and if you missed the first time that I met, Method man, really good story, go ahead and starts through my previous episodes and you will find that episode about the first time that I met Method Man, but this is the story of the second time that I met Method Man, which was hilarious. 

So the second time that I met method man, this is when I was actually making music myself, and Wu Tang was a huge influence, so a lot of the influence that I had from Wu Tang song, lyrics, etcetera had made it into my music, and I would walk around with a CD in my pocket, because you never know right, but this is a time where I'm actually going to a Keith Murray concert, and I don't know if you guys remember who Keith Murray is, but he had this really um dope album out long time ago, back in the day, he was called the most beautiful thing in the world, but it was at a Keith Murray concert and I had my CD on me and Method Man was there. 

So Method Man, I actually got a chance to approach Method Man, and I was like "hey, Method, let me give you my CD" and I seriously did this, like I was a hustler, right, I'm hustling my CD everywhere, trust me, it was me and it, and like in the vicinity, there was also this other girl, trying to take a picture with Method Man, he's like, hey, you know, like we take a picture together, this was before selfies were even a thing but it was like hey can we take a picture together? And this was before people had um phone cameras like iPhones. Like this was back in the Motorola razor days, right? So this person had a genuine snapshot type camera.

Anyway so I'm trying to get Methods attention, she's trying to get Methods attention and I hold out my CD and guess what? Method Man, he grabs the CD out of my hand like no fucking joke, he actually grabs the CD out of my hand and I was like no way he is going to hold on to my CD and he's going to keep my CD and one of my childhood like heroes influencers that I've been just listening to and just jamming everywhere, he's gonna listen to my music, how amazing is that? 

But here's what happened next, he took my CD and without even looking at it, he the girl that had the camera, he took the girls camera also, then he took the girls camera, he took a picture of his dick and then he took the camera and the CD and put it in the girl's purse. So now um I guess this girl was running around with a copy of my CD and a picture of uh Method Man's dick. But when I say mathematic to like it was kind of like more of a prank where I'm sure it wasn't his actual dick, he just kind of like pulled his pants out and took a picture of his boxers. Um Just just to let you guys know that he's not out there taking pictures of his dick just giving it to women, I guess, right? It was more of like a practical joke thing, so I just wanted to say that. 

But yeah, that was the second time that I met Method Man, he actually took my CD but he ended up putting it in some of the girls person. Pretty good practical joke. Um I walked away actually, you know, with the story, so how bad ass is that? So maybe Method Man didn't listen to my cd, but he left me with a story and that's awesome. This is Robin Copernicus, boom bam, I'm out. 

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