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13. 5 TOP Cycling Intentions you can use: Cycling Tips from COACH SYLVIE
January 1, 2021
13. In this episode, you will Learn: 5 Top Cycling Intentions you can use to reach your goals. Cycling Tips from Coach Sylvie
 Coach Sylvie's Tips : 5 Top Cycling Intentions you can use to reach your goals.
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I went on a family mini getaway to a friend cottage just this past week and for the first time in a very, very long time I was able to sit back, relax and READ a magazine from cover to cover.
How often does that happen for you?

I came across an article and I had to share.
While I took the tips, I gave them my own spin and additional personal twist.
Hope you like them and add a couple in for 2021.

#5 Set an intention to be more intentional about your ride:
Set a focus to work on: 
Pedal form
Standing climb

Did you know that while training on your trainer you could be developing poor pedal form?
Studies by non-other than Joe Friel, has stated that trainers are creating a drop in efficiency 
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