How To Start A Podcast
How To Start A Podcast On Spotify
May 25, 2021
This episode shares how you can start a podcast on Spotify...
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Okay, let's talk about how to start a podcast on Spotify. And before we jump into that, let's understand why you'd want to start a podcast on Spotify. Well, Spotify had been investing obviously heavy in audio for the whole world, but then for the whole of their like existence. But then at the same time, they'd been investing heavily in podcasts over the past three to four years, they poked around again, they bought podcast production houses, they bought Gimlet.

And so. The reason you want to be on Spotify is they are building an insane suite of tools for podcasters. And you want to have your show there because over time they're going to be attracting more podcasters and therefore more listens is a great place to get your show found. So here's the process for.

Getting your podcast or how to start a podcast on Spotify, Spotify, don't actually host all your files. You need a separate application to host. Now cost is one of them. There are plenty of others because it's optimized for marketers. It's optimized for businesses. So go and create a free trial with decaf.

Just check it out.  create a free trial, and this is what we need first, because we need to get your audio and your images and your descriptions onto an RSS feed. And then we put the RSS feed in Spotify. They do that now that's step one. Once you have an episode with the image and the description uploaded in, because that's really easy, it's very intuitive.

If you can't work out how to do it, contact or support, then you need to go to Google, Spotify for podcasters, and then you'll come to a domain that is podcasts or Once you're there, you can log in. Once you've logged in or created an account, you can click get started. Once you've done that.

You'll have to agree to some terms and conditions. And after that, you're simply going to take the RSS feed from  paste that into, uh, the, the box. So you'll see that Spotify is asking for your podcast RSS feed. Once you've done that, you'll have to then select your country language category hosting provider.

Um, And then once you've done that you hit submit your podcast is going to be a Spotify. Very, very soon after that, in that same dashboard, you can go podcasters to You'll see all the stats you'll be able to choose your trailer. You'll be at a, uh, fee how many followers you have, et cetera. And then all the analytics will come back into beat cast with the rest of the analytics, from apple podcasts, uh, pocket cars, et cetera, from all the other directories.

So in short, that is how you start a podcast on Spotify. I hope this was helpful and I'll see you in the next episode.