Why repetition is better than innovation
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Why repetition is better than innovation
July 26, 2021
In this episode, we talk about the power of repetition.
In a previous episode, in episode 168 I talked about how to keep your products looking shiny. And one of the reasons why founders will try to keep their products looking Chinese because they are scared that if they keep presenting the same things over and over, it's not going to look innovative, it's going to look boring, it might even be annoying because it's the same thing. 

So then there's this really serious need to add features and add benefits or put a new wrapper on it and make it look shiny. Maybe you can change up the offer just to keep it looking refreshed. But here's the thing, the thing is the fear that you have as a founder of being too repetitive. That's actually a false belief because the key to succeeding is to be repetitive. And what I mean by this is one of the things that Donald Miller says in his book Marketing Made Simple is when you are being repetitive, you are training your customers to memorize exactly what you do.
Because what will happen is you will tell people what you do or you will tell people about your product and they won't get it the first time. You know, there's been so many times where I try to explain a lot of these concepts that I outlined in this podcast and I'll say it over and over and over and I'll say it, you know, over and over to the same person. And the thing is as I'm saying it over and over this other person, they will get new epiphanies and new realizations that they didn't get the first time. 

So it's kind of like watching a movie more than once where the first time it was good. But then the second time you actually noticed you know some interesting things about this movie, especially if it's like a comedy or something, you just start noticing all this extra funny stuff and then you watch the third time and you just keep on like noticing this extra funny stuff. You start memorizing it and then by the time he wants at the eight time or night time, if you do that, then you will have, you know, a much better understanding of the movie. But even after the eight time or nighttime, they're still going to be a lot of things that you miss, right? You can't know exactly everything that has happened in that movie. Um, there might be like a little symbolic thing where one of the characters, whereas like a red wig and to you, it just looks like a red wig. But there's like the symbolism there that didn't get conveyed across properly and you might miss that. 

So the key is actually to repeat as much as possible because we are training our customers to memorize what we actually do and when it comes to repetition, this is actually something that we talked about in our mastermind, in my accelerator program is the power of repetition. 

And I played this video from Steve Harvey. Where Steve Harvey talks about how he made it big off of the same jokes. So what he said is first he started telling jokes for free because he was homeless and he was doing all these things and then he was just testing his jokes out and then he started getting jokes where he was getting paid $25 a joke, Right? So these these were at your stand up comedy clubs and he was just doing the circuit. And then he just kept on doing the same jokes until people started hearing about him and seeing what he's about. And then he started getting invited onto bigger shows and bigger platforms, but it's the same jokes that he's telling, but now he's getting paid way more money for it and he's telling the same $25 jokes that he's been saying to make $200 joke and I can't remember exactly the numbers that he says. But if you go watch that video, it's a pretty good video. But essentially he just talks about how he got paid off of the 1st $25 jokes. He uses the same jokes and then starts getting paid $200 a joke and then $1000 a joke and then $100,000 a joke and $300,000 a joke and half a million dollars a joke off of his comedy special, Kings of comedy and what he says or what he claims. 

It's basically it's the same jokes over and over, he just tells the same jokes because the thing is, there's so many people in the world that they're gonna miss things. You're gonna miss people, you're not going to get everyone, even if people come and listen to what you have to say several times, they're going to definitely miss things. 

So it actually behooves you to be repetitive to repeat as much as possible because just like Donald Miller said, we are training our customers to memorize what we do, so don't be afraid of being repetitive. It's actually the key to your success Keep on repeating. Until those $25 jokes turned into half a million dollars jokes. This is Robin Copernicus boom bam, I'm out. 

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