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How Efforts in Selling at Amazon Expanded Through Years - Amazon Marketing Tips with Anthony Lee - Part 2
November 15, 2021
How Efforts in Selling at Amazon Expanded Through Years - Amazon Marketing Tips with Anthony Lee - Part 2
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[00:00:01] spk_2: welcome to the seller roundtable e commerce coaching and business strategies with and er not and amy Wiis, [00:00:08] spk_1: I mean not only that when you look at the referral sources of external traffic, you can pull up the Alexa site and look at referral 60% is coming from search. You can't ignore that. You just can't like, well you can, but it's like, it's like [00:00:31] spk_2: easy money, [00:00:32] spk_1: it's right there. The traffic is telling you where it is and that unlike your audience needing to be on facebook or your audience, you know, needing to be like you needing to know your audience super well on google, everybody's on there. It's not, there's no like, oh I don't do google, I don't do google, I mean some people do, yahoo, okay fine whatever, but some people do being, but for the most part people go to google to shop so you know, and a huge domain like amazon. So we, we recently set up our brand referral um the new brand referral bonus with our google ads we have Andy to think for our google ads because he's one who got me on google ads like years ago when you know, nobody else was doing it and he's like Amy you have to do that. So I always tell the story about how he and he's the one who got me into google ads but um but it's actually really easy to take advantage of this new brand referral bonus, but anyway, we'll see, we'll see how that works since amazon attribution is always been kind of clunky, we'll see if it's like really going to track these conversions, you know? But yeah, I agree, it's so smart, so I actually want to switch gears a little bit and I'm being selfish because I want to talk about tools, I want to talk about Anthony was telling us how he's been stuck in a hubspot nightmare, I mean, fantasy for the, for the last week or so, two weeks month. And you know, I was telling Anthony, I tried to set up hubspot for my website and it's just so confusing because there's so much that it can do and it's like so compartmentalized in what it can do, you have to kind of like, set everything up. So, Anthony tell us what you love about hubspot and tell us how e commerce sellers might, especially on their websites, how they might benefit from using a tool like hubspot, [00:02:35] spk_2: honestly, [00:02:37] spk_0: so the the reason, okay, I don't, I I don't have like a robust experience with a bunch of different Crm. S I will say that there's probably comparable ones out there, but so what I say about hot spot is probably transferable to other Crm. S but ultimately Crm is really good for a seller of products online. I say that because it doesn't have to just be physical products um if you're venturing off into digital, like, most people are kind of, they kind of fall into this mindset of why they're going to have, like, Shopify pages, right, where are they going to have um, listings with an add to cart button and then a shopping cart solution or we're gonna have a funnel. The problem is, is tracking attribution is huge and a lot of people don't realize that until they start, like they venture out into running apps, right? So they're starting facebook here and they like us some instagram and then maybe even some google and then next to, you know, they're like, okay, well I'm getting traffic. I have no idea what converted to what and how it got there. This is the problem. So to save yourself from that nightmare, the best thing to do is find a way to close the loop so that it's easier to track. So the reason what I'm doing for canopy and setting everything up in hubspot is our landing pages are made in hubspot uh similar functionality to click funnels, there's probably just as much that I hate about it as I do click funnels. That's I mean that's just part for the look, give me give me embarks patty on this on this topic. We'll talk about how all software sucks. Like all, like literally period all of it. Um but it does the job, right? So landing pages made uh and then um that way like there's there's a lot of visibility there. We do a bunch of webinars. So uh there's an integration with zoom. So that way webinar activity is also trapped. Right? So the only people that are going to be in the webinar people who've given their email address and once that happens, the length of the webinar like whether whether or not they went to it at all, how much of it they watched is all kind of assigned to the contact card. And that's a wonderful metric to track because then you can create automation. Uh I used to use active campaign but it has limitations. Uh so now hubspot workflows is really cool because we can do things like Send out an email for people who only watched 10% of the webinar um Other things to workflows based on based on lists um that people opt in. So the forms all the forms are being switched over. [00:05:27] spk_1: So basically what hubspot is doing for you and this is why I feel like it's such a nightmare to set up because it's like so many things and I'm like what does this do? So I noticed hubspot will automatically pull in. So you're using male champ and you have a website, right? What it'll do is it'll connect to your website, it'll pull in all of your contacts and what I like about it as far as what I've set up so far is I like that I can click on any of my contacts and I can see who spent money with me how much money they have spent how whether they're a return customer and hubspot also, I can set up notifications to tell me if they left the site if they were on there and they were looking at something they left and I can send them follow up. But what you're telling me is that with basically help Spot has an integration for everything that you're [00:06:19] spk_0: doing. And [00:06:21] spk_1: then instead of you having to go to zoom for a webinar because you have to go into zoom webinar management right? Instead of having to go into zoom webinar management now it's all in one dashboard connected with your website, connected with your contacts. And now instead of you having to import this into mail chimp over here and then go okay you're getting they watch this much of the webinar. This is when they visited your site. After that you follow you send a follow up email, this is how many people clicked on it. Normally I have to go in the mail chimp and see how many people clicked on that email. But instead now I have one centralized management solution to any customer whether there just a brand new lead and they haven't done anything with me yet. They just visited the site or signed up for my mailing list. Now I can track everything that they do the areas that they visited. The things are most interested in and I can use all my external tools and from one place manage them. So if I'm an e commerce seller and I'm trying to do better with my Shopify site. Not only can I follow all of my customers and everything and send follow up emails, but I can also manage all my ads from one centralized place instead of Okay, let me go over my facebook dashboard. Let me go over to my Yeah, that was that was [00:07:40] spk_0: the other, yes, that was the other thing I liked about it to integrate with facebook and google ads. Right? So just today I saw a contact um that clicked on one of our google ads, but then that put them on our mailing list, right? But they didn't take, they looked at our service page and they don't take any more action but because they were on a mailing list through the google ad. Then when I sent out the, hey, we're having this webinar promote email, they clicked onto that, they got onto that list. Now they're going to be uh you know, now they're on the webinar list but it all started with like the origin was the google at which I thought was really cool that I contract. So then you know, if they become a customer of a service other than what was uh marketed on the google ad, I'll know that it was indirectly involved there because I'll see the lead source. Um so that's that's a really cool thing and I think that's the biggest advantage to Crm, it's being able to kind of see like what the activity is, where they came from, what your marketing efforts are actually working. And then other than that, through that I found another third party service that I've now integrated um with hubspot, which is Jacked form, which is like my new favorite thing, [00:08:54] spk_1: because because you [00:08:58] spk_0: can well, the biggest thing is because you can survey, right? So one of my things, I'm all about like chat flows and I prefer that I prefer a chat flow, but one of the things that I like is a conditional formatting and then when the surveys like serves you one question at a time, so it doesn't look like this big old form, right? So they have that capability in shot form. And so I went him on that, like all the questions on our website, I was just like, nope, returning these into conditional flows and jot form and we're saving all of that to every contact. Now, we're gonna have this robust like dossier on all of our of our leaves and it's awesome. And I actually started using that myself too. So I have Snapchat ads running to uh a conditional form and job form, um basically sending people to a bogo offer for one of my products. So uh that's outside of hubspot, that's actually just because I really like job for me. So yeah, there's a bunch of really cool tools out there, people should be a investigating if they run on their businesses. [00:10:02] spk_1: I like it, I like it. So very cool. So people should be considering a crm doesn't have to be hubspot, hubspot is actually free um so you know, you can try it for free, but it is confusing when you first go to set it up because you're like what is it doing? I don't understand how do I do this? So that's definitely hard. One other tool that, and I'd love to hear some of these other tools that you just love for productivity. When we were talking before we started about Asana, I'm addicted to Asana. I used to use google tasks, I used to use google all of the whole google suite, but it's very disorganized and I had trouble like tasking my team and messaging my team and um what I love Asana, because you know, you can task, you can message, you can attach a google drive link, you can use clock if I inside, so you can track which tasks you're spending the most time on, you can look at your team's dashboard, like it's basically replaced all of my other individual tools and we're all in one central place now and it's so helpful and it's also free, so I absolutely love it. What about you in terms of productivity, is there some tools that you love, Anthony [00:11:13] spk_0: so, well I'm most familiar with monday, I don't know if my dad is a free plan, I've seen a son of the and that's really awesome, they have a free plan that's actually probably makes it the winner. Um but I know there's a lot of similar functionalities in monday um and that's the one that like everybody, everybody that I ever worked with is using, so I'm used to that interface ultimately um task management in general, uh you know, you will get to a point like so before when I had a small team of people that was helping me in Taiwan, I forgot what it was called, it was like my task was some like open source, free version of basically the same thing as like a monday or an Asana. Um that was crucial. So I definitely think if you're ever at a point where you have more than one person which is you working for you, you should definitely be uh managing their tasks in some kind of software and that'll be a lifesaver, I believe so yeah, I'm glad that you got a son and work for you all. I remember when I, the brief time that I ever was like, saw Asana in action um was a buddy of mine showed me his son aboard and all I saw was like his little face and then a bunch of colours and I was just like, oh my God, you have way too many tasks dude, it was scary. I was intimidated and I was like, I can't, I, I look at that, that's going to give me anxiety, So [00:12:38] spk_1: yeah I know a lot of my team members they use click up before and they really like click up um and so like they're kind of struggling through like switching over to Islam A but I'm more of like a list type of person but what I'm struggling with right now is integrating fully like using my productivity tools in my serum, like those are the two things that I'm trying to get better at, so you know it's great to hear that you're struggling through that and now I have a buddy, I can call that, that would be awesome. So you know Andy and I always asked about you know what it is that you're listening to, what is it that you're reading, Like is there anything that you're doing right now that's keeping you motivated, keeping you focused, keeping you know your head in the right spot. [00:13:27] spk_0: Um Well there's a couple of different things for like business in general, so I actually signed up through my business account, an audible account and I just I write it off because all of the books that I get our business related and I feel like that's allowed. So so I have one [00:13:45] spk_1: said that like you were mad at your accountant or something, tell me I can't [00:13:51] spk_0: write so you know I get a credit every month and I just get a new business related book but most of the time it is on studies revolving um around uh behavioral science. Um So I did pretty much every book ever written on behavioral economics and now kind of branching out into like the other ways that that you know plays on behavioral sciences but um overall that's really cool and I got these amazing waterproof ear buds so that I can listen to that in the shower every day, so that's like the routine listening to in the [00:14:34] spk_1: shower, [00:14:36] spk_0: nobody's bothering me. So my full attention is on this thing for as long as I'm gonna be in the shower, so that's fun. Um And then the other thing more amazon related, so I don't know if you guys saw but Danny Macmillan put out this awesome like presentation a couple weeks ago um where he found uh this presentation on Youtube called The Joy of ranking was by somebody that worked on the team that helped develop relevance for the nine algorithm and her paper was published in 2000 and 16 and put on amazon dot science and then somebody made um like referenced in another paper and then she did a presentation on it which was saved to Youtube anyway, so he just kind of recap everything and then gave some ideas on how he interpreted it well that sent me down a rabbit hole and I've looked up every single article on amazon dot science and on the internet as a whole, Not just about a nine but about decision trees and search algorithms and relevance algorithms and let me just tell you that is quite the rabbit hole to jump down. Um In jumping down that rabbit hole, I found this completely obscure Russian task website that has like there's a bunch of, there's like a huge filipino community that was all excited about it because it's a way for them to make money. Um but essentially if you go to the task website, they have the amazon dot com tasks in this particular task that amazon has, you do, is they have human checkers that are checking for relevance um mistakes on list takes right? So in order to take those jobs to pass with flying colors, uh their version of a test to make sure that you understand what they mean when they say search relevance. So I went through it and screenshot at every page so I could see what amazon is telling their human checkers. Search relevance is that was fun to. Anyway, so this is what I've been basically breathing for, At least like the last probably two weeks, [00:16:55] spk_1: wow, that's so that is so interesting. I would be interested in checking out that web site. I've been, I've been I recently took like a service business master class. Um and it was so eye opening to see how to hire people from other countries in their local, using their own local websites and stuff and not just opened up a whole new world for me, I was like, oh my gosh, you know, it's not just vibrant up work anymore, right? Or online jobs that th right, there's so many local websites that are in these individual countries of people looking for work and the people looking for work, they're really highly educated. They're awesome. But they don't know how to get to like the up works and stuff, right? Like you can't see beyond their local community. So I just learned about all of this potentials and so, and that's how I learned about hub squad and some of these other things too. So it's very cool to see that definitely have to go down that rabbit hole a little bit. I love, I love good rabbit holes. We have Danny on the show a couple weeks ago and we did go down some good rabbit holes, so that was fun. Um Well, I think that's pretty much it Anthony, you know, we always have fun having you on the show and we should tell people how they can get in touch with you [00:18:16] spk_0: Get in touch with me. It's super easy because I'm on all the social platforms and my handle is the same at Anthony Lee 9, 91 at Anthony lee. No, no, no, that's literally twitter facebook instagram linkedin, Tiktok Snapchat youtube? [00:18:34] spk_1: How do you keep? Well, I have one more question, how do you keep up with of those social media platforms [00:18:41] spk_0: um on my Iphone that I get notifications. Um and I'll check them and then when I post it's literally just down the line like I haven't in a row, it's like here here, here, here here. [00:18:53] spk_2: No, he doesn't. He says the entrepreneur toilet, the toilet work. Right? Well the truth Anthony, we know we know you're on the toilet like, you know, doing [00:19:03] spk_1: those, just remember it's just entrepreneurial. Did you see that guy that went on shark tank with the toilet timer for the phone? Of the guy sitting on the toilet? Oh [00:19:12] spk_2: my God, that's so funny, we have my life and I just rewatched this is 40 and you know, because because you know I'm in my forties, she's getting close and we literally like laughed through the whole thing because we were like, oh my God, we can relate to so so much of this. Like the dudes like hiding in the bathroom for like, like you've been in here for like two hours today and he's like, he's like, I'll be out in a minute, leave me alone. It's pretty [00:19:34] spk_0: much I'm [00:19:36] spk_2: saying, oh my God, you are in for a treat and you need to message me and let me know because if you don't think that that if you don't think that movie is funny, then I don't know, I'm we're going to have to we're gonna have to have a intervention. [00:19:50] spk_0: Okay, well, I'm gonna watch it though and then I will let you know. Alright [00:19:53] spk_2: yeah, let me know let me know what you think because it's classic. It's a good one. All right, everyone. Well, thank you so much for joining us. If you are on the livestream, we're gonna end that. Now. We're gonna see if Anthony can stick around for another five or 10 minutes. We just call this, you know, the the after show, this is like, you know when you come into the zoom meeting, it's like going into the V. I. P. Room right? Because at the end you get you get to see stuff that everybody else in the room doesn't get to see. So if you haven't done so yet join us every Tuesday two or one PM pacific time. Um Saleh round table dot com forward slash live. You get to jump in the zoom meeting, get to ask questions, you get to um if you want to a mute and and you know interact with us via video or audio or however you want to do it. But we would love to have you guys. So we'll see you next time on the cell. A round table. [00:20:40] spk_0: Thanks for tuning in, [00:20:41] spk_2: join us every Tuesday at one PM pacific standard time for live Q. And [00:20:45] spk_0: A. And bonus [00:20:46] spk_2: content after the recording at cellar round table dot com, sponsored by the ultimate software tool for amazon sales and growth seller. S C. O dot com and amazing at home dot com