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To Train or not to Train (Rick Tamlyn)
March 9, 2022
Some say taking the time for formal training will only delay them or that life experience is enough. In this epic episode, industry legend Rick Tamlyn, a Master Certified Coach with decades of training and life experience, shares why he has both.
There may have been a time when a gifted and eager advisor could find success in the industry without formal training, but what about now? Melinda expertly reveals how the industry has evolved over the past few decades, creating broader opportunities but more competition. Resources for training and certification for coaches have expanded with the demand, but are they right for everyone? Melinda and Rick Tamlyn, senior trainer for the world-renowned Coaches Training Institute, weigh in with their perspective and expert advice.

In this episode, Rick and Melinda share their own stories regarding training and credentials and why their differing choices work for them. They agree that effective coaching requires a lot more than adding a few letters after your name, and there is also a lot to be gained by learning from those who have gone before you.

In this episode we discuss:

“We're not here to fix problems; we're here to hold people accountable to the life they want.” 

“I think the industry is at a place now, especially from a corporate and organizational perspective, that letters behind our names matter.”

– Rick Tamlyn

Guest Bio: 
Rick Tamlyn is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) and a Master Certified Coach (MCC) as designated by the International Coach Federation (ICF). He is a senior trainer for The Coaches Training Institute, a world-renowned coach training and leadership development organization. Rick Tamlyn inspires people to be their best.

He has a B.A. in Communications from Hope College in Michigan and an MFA from the University of Connecticut. He is a sought-after thought leader and works internationally as an experiential keynote speaker and trainer. As a trusted advisor for Fortune 100 companies, small businesses, nonprofits, and churches, he has built a global audience, speaking and conducting workshops in over 17 countries. Using his own unique brand of wisdom, wit and humor, Rick’s keynotes and workshops are interactive, dynamic and entertaining.

Rick developed a training methodology called The Bigger Game™, that has inspired leaders to step up to the plate and take charge of their business and personal futures. He is also the author of Play Your Bigger Game. You can download the first chapter for free using the link below.     

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  2. Coaches Console
  3. Rick’s website
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