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359. What is RANDONNEURING you might ask? Let's hear all about it from Lisa Charlebois
January 3, 2024
Randonneuring is the mecca of all Endurance riding. Lisa doesn't just go for a 4 hr ride, she goes for 6-8hr rides. Learn all about the World of Randonneuring.
VIDEO on training plan leading up to PBP
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Lisa is an endurance cyclist and randonneur. With over 20 years of cycling under her belt, her bike journey has taken her from Toronto (where she started cycling) to New York City, then Los Angeles, and now her home in San Francisco. However, she spends a few weeks each year back in her hometown of Ottawa, Canada riding with Common Empire and the Ottawa Bicycle Club.
She started getting serious about her training when the idea of riding the iconic Paris Brest Paris Audax came into focus. For the next two years, she went deep into randonneuring, completing her first brevet (a 300km mixed terrain banger with nearly 17,000 feet of climbing) and then a 600km road brevet after. Leading up to PBP she completed a super randonneur series (a 200km, 300km, 400km and 600km ride) along with several long training rides to get ready for 1220km, and 39,000 feet adventure through Brittany.
Since completing PBP in August 2023 (her time was 78 hours, 27 minutes) she's now got her sights set on her next endurance challenge—riding the Midnight Sun Randonnee in Sweden. This epic event takes riders from the town of Uema (6 hours North of Sweden) and sends them North through Norway, up through the Artic Circle, and then back to the start. All of this in nearly 24 hours of daylight.
In the meantime, you can find her riding around the San Francisco Bay area and Northern California landscape, making instagram videos about her bike adventures, cycling tips, and encouragement for other women to take on big challenges.