Safety FM with Jay Allen
EP 608 - Kym Bancroft and Greg Smith
April 9, 2024
Welcome to a standout episode of Safety FM with Jay Allen, featuring a recording of an insightful presentation from the Global Safety Innovation Summit that took place in Australia in February. This episode brings together the profound insights and experiences of Kym Bancroft and Greg Smith, two leading figures in the world of safety and health management. Kym Bancroft, the Managing Director of New View Safety, partners with organizations to translate contemporary safety ideas into tangible operational practices. With a future-focused vision, Kym is an executive health and safety leader who leverages her Masters in Safety Leadership from Griffith University, Masters in Applied Psychology (Organisational) from Murdoch University, and a Graduate Diploma in OHS, also from Murdoch University, to spearhead change. As an endorsed Organisational Psychologist, her 25 years of experience span an impressive array of sectors and global locations—from open-cut mining in Canada and offshore gas in the US to diverse industries across the Asia Pacific. Kym's previous roles have profoundly influenced the safety landscape, including her tenure as the Queensland Regulator for Workplace Health & Safety, Electrical Safety, and Workers' Compensation, and her impactful collaborations, like the 'Doing Safety Differently' documentary with Professor Sidney Dekker. Greg Smith, an international award-winning author and qualified lawyer with over three decades of specialization in safety and health management, brings a complementary perspective to this dialogue. Greg's expertise is in assisting clients to understand and fulfill their safety and health responsibilities through the development of effective processes. His background includes roles as the Principal Safety Advisor for an oil and gas company and as General Manager of Health and Safety in a transport and mining services company. With various board positions and experience teaching the Accident Prevention unit at Curtin University in Western Australia, Greg's contributions to the field are both broad and deep. In this episode, Kym and Greg discuss their contemporary approaches to safety and health management, sharing insights on psychological principles, human-centered methodologies, safety innovation, and evidence-based research. This presentation not only showcases their individual expertise but also highlights the collaborative potential for driving transformational change in workplace safety, operational excellence, and positive culture. Tune into Safety FM with Jay Allen to experience this pivotal presentation from the Global Safety Innovation Summit, where Kym Bancroft and Greg Smith share their visionary approaches to doing safety differently, fostering high reliability, and nurturing a culture of operational excellence across industries.