Safety FM with Jay Allen
EP 612 - John Wilkes
April 23, 2024
Welcome to another insightful episode of Safety FM with Jay Allen, featuring a compelling presentation by John Wilkes, recorded at the Global Safety Innovation Summit in Australia. As the Senior Director for Business Excellence at Novavax, John brings a wealth of experience and a sophisticated understanding of Human and Organizational Performance concepts to the forefront of the pharmaceutical and medical device industries. With an impressive career spanning over 29 years, John has developed a deep expertise in various facets of the industry, including manufacturing operations, operational excellence, quality systems, quality assurance, and quality control. His experiences at notable companies such as BioReliance, MesoScale Diagnostics, and AstraZeneca have not only shaped his professional journey but also his approach to integrating Human and Organizational Performance (HOP) principles into business practices. In his presentation, John discusses the critical role of HOP concepts in driving business excellence within highly regulated environments like pharmaceuticals and medical devices. He shares insights into how these principles can be effectively applied to enhance safety, quality, and efficiency, ultimately leading to better outcomes in product development and manufacturing processes. Listeners will gain a rare look into the strategies that a seasoned leader employs to foster a culture that prioritizes safety and operational excellence. John's approach underscores the importance of aligning organizational practices with HOP methodologies to navigate the complex challenges faced by the industry today. Tune into this episode of Safety FM with Jay Allen to explore how John Wilkes leverages his extensive background to innovate and improve safety and performance standards at Novavax, all through the lens of Human and Organizational Performance. This presentation from the Global Safety Innovation Summit in Australia is not to be missed by anyone interested in the intersection of safety science and pharmaceutical manufacturing.