How many books do I need to sell to get an Amazon Bestseller?
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How many books do I need to sell to get an Amazon Bestseller?
April 10, 2021
In this episode, we discuss Brent Underwood's case study of how he became an Amazon bestseller with a one-page book.
How many book sales does it take to get onto the Amazon bestseller list? So this answer might surprise you. 

There is a guy, his name is Brent Underwood and he decided to kind of troll amazon and create his own number one bestseller. So what he did is he wrote a book in less than a couple of seconds. The book is only one page and all it is is a picture of his foot and the title of the book is called Putting My Foot Down and something about a picture of his foot. 

But yeah, that's pretty much it is only a one-page book and I think the cover is the same as the inside page and Brent published this on amazon and his goal was to get the number one bestseller. So when you're publishing books on amazon, the thing about amazon is there are tons of categories, tons of categories, and when you publish your book you can pick your category. 

So in order to game the system and get a number one selling book or I'm sorry yeah a number one selling book. A bestseller book on amazon. The key is to pick a category that doesn't have very much competition. So Brent published his book in two different categories. He published it in the transpersonal category under psychology books and also freemasonry and secret societies. 

So you can already tell by these category names that there are a lot of categories under Amazon and if you're trying to hit a bestseller list then just picking one of these categories that doesn't have any competition is really easy. So Brent took a picture of his foot, published his book under the transpersonal category and the freemasonry category. And after it was approved by amazon which he claims that he was actually a little fearful that it wouldn't get approved because it's just a picture of his foot. 

But it got approved by Amazon and then what he did is he asked three friends to buy the book and he bought a copy of his book himself. Just those sales, just those three sales helped him get to a number one position in transpersonal psychology. 

So there you have it. How many books do you need to get a number one bestseller on Amazon? You only need three sales. The key is to pick a category that doesn't have very much competition. That's very much at the tail and of yeah, the long tail of book categories and you don't even need to have a very long book. Just a one-page book with a picture of your foot will get you an Amazon bestseller. 

So if you're more curious about that lookup Brent Underwood, he writes an article in courts about his whole experience, and I thought it was pretty interesting. But that's it. You only need three books to hit the amazon best side of the list. Hope that helps. Boom. Bam, I'm out. 

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