Should I get a job or go all-in on my business?
The Six Percent Entrepreneur
Should I get a job or go all-in on my business?
March 12, 2021
In this episode we discuss the different paths one can take when going into entrepreneurship.
A question that I sometimes get, people want to know whether they are on the right path. They're in the middle of making a huge, huge decision. They're wondering if they should go all-in into entrepreneurship or if they should get a job and keep it safe. And my answer is, it depends, and it really depends on you. 

The very first question I asked back is, are you a natural-born entrepreneur? Are you a six percenter? Because if you are a natural-born entrepreneur than delaying, getting into entrepreneurship is only going to hurt more because what's going to happen is you're going to pursue a type of life that isn't meant for you. 

You are meant for freedom and bigger things and working for someone else and putting all your energy and effort. And you're superhuman powers into helping some other person might not feel right for you, especially if whatever you're doing isn't aligned with your lifestyle and you feel like that you can't fully be who you are. So if you are considering the choice between taking a job and going into entrepreneurship full time, I say one hundred percent just go through the entrepreneurship route because you're going to end up back in it. And the longer that you waste, the harder it's going to be. The longer that you take to get into entrepreneurship full time all in, the more risk you put in yourself. P

ut on yourself the earlier you get in. You have time for you to be able to make mistakes and keep learning, and then you will see the benefit from those mistakes after a while. But if you don't start making those mistakes right now, you're eventually going to make these mistakes later, and they have a higher cost for you later. So if you are a natural-born entrepreneur, if you are a six percenter, I encourage you to say Fuck that J O B. And just go for it. Go all in, Go start your business. It's so much easier to get a client than it is to find a job, and it's so much easier to get to clients than it is to find two jobs. It's actually less risky for you to go all-in into entrepreneurship. I'll see you guys in the next episode 

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