Somali Professionals Podcast
How I became a software engineer with Abdullahi Abdinur
April 10, 2021
Hello everyone, we are back, recharged and feeling fresh after taking a couple of weeks to break to prioritise business deadlines & juggle personal life. I absolutely missed the podcast and reading all your emails/DMs. I promise we will get back to every message soon, and grateful for checking on me. All is well just needed a break : ) This week I was really excited to interview Abdullahi was born in Somalia and raised in Kenya. Abdullahi & his family live in the USA, and He has successfully completed his bachelors in computer science at UWB in 2017 and started working as a software engineer at Visa. Currently, Abduallhi pursuing his masters in Data Science while still working as a software engineer. If Abduallhi’s story resonates, you are welcome to connect with him on LinkedIn. We love reading your message, and thank you so much for supporting us. Please for any feedback, questions, requests and collaboration, please email us at See you next week for another episode.