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Solo Darling - Speaking Out and Growing Strong
June 14, 2022
Solo Darling Pro Wrestler for CHIKARA pro, Ring of Honor and many others, shares her journey in the ring and life as an empathy activist in a powerful conversation with @hitherecatsuit.
**Solo Darling is an accomplished professional wrestler who has performed internationally for a plethora of promotions and taken on many of today’s top stars like Heidi Lovelace (AEW’s Ruby Soho), Shayna Baszler of the WWE, AEW’s Kris Statlander and more. 

She is currently a student focusing on neuroscience and positive psychology with a minor in creative writing currently attending University of Pennsylvania. While immersing herself in her love for wrestling, Solo has recently opened up an OnlyFans platform and uses the site to provide a safe space to explore intimacy, vulnerability, kinks and all the awkwardness and humor sex encompasses. 

Solo’s interests in empathy and the human experience have propelled her into the realm of positive psychology and neuroscience. Solo finds freestyle poetry and writing to not only be a form of expression, but a valuable tool in her role as an empathy activist. Which includes the practice, development, study of empathy, and sharing these findings  with the intention to increase well-being collectively.

While onlyfans has become a very prevalent institution in recent years, Solo feels she brings a unique and personalized approach to her subscribers. 

You can connect with Solo on the following platforms:

Instagram: @regulationsolodarling