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#38: From Government Assistance → Helping Brands Leverage COMMUNITIES To Craft 7-Figure Revenue Streams & Impact Millions w/ Maruxa Murphy
July 13, 2021
Maruxa Murphy was a brand new mom when she found herself on government assistance just to put food on the table. BUT shortly after hitting “rock bottom”, she became a top authority on leveraging the power of community to help 100+ brands do things like: - Take a "dead" Facebook group of 5,000+ members and help turn it into a $1.2 million launch in just 2 months - Decrease refunds from 27% to 5.5% in under 3 months for a company doing $2 million per month in revenue - Help create partnerships to bring in over 250,000 leads that led to $2.5 million in sales And today, you get to learn her top strategies to building communities to help YOU get similar results.